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  • open at last

    Well after months (feels like years) of protracted negotiations Im happy to say that Ive opened my new store at Melbourne Uni: Shanti Bhagwan - Urban Chai Temple

    Located in the Alice Hoy Building

    But dont be fooled by the name... yesterday was first day of trade, opening un-announced after much cleaning! And we sold 120 coffees! A sign of things to come?

    Also serving single origin coffee, a Hondurus Copan - and will be featuring other single origin coffees some of which will be roasted by myself - which is prob just as well considering the 5kg of green beans I picked up from the coffeenobs stall at the Celebrate the Bean festival on the weekend!



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    Re: open at last

    Good luck with it Pat!

    120 coffees on your first day is great and obviously no one else has been fooled by the name so far either!


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      Re: open at last

      yeah and the 2nd hand faema i bought from a CS makes great coffee - beautiful long slow extraction & nearly all crema. But unfortunately its a bit slow on the milk production which makes it hard to cope when 20 students turn up at once on a 5 min break - so im going to upgrade to an Exobar G10 - with a twin boiler for some added omph!


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        Re: open at last

        Oh! Nice!


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          Re: open at last

          Congrats mate

          Imagine the lease side of things was a bit of a nightmare?

          Any chance of pics?

          Wish you all the best in your adventure.


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            Re: open at last

            Congratulations, I hope it all goes successfully, and that you have fun.


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              Re: open at last

              Congratulations Pat,

              We just bought a G10 our selfs last week. I enjoying the ability of temperature control, specially when you are working with a fresh coffee. regarding steam pressure the machine come with non-burn steam arm with 2 holes nozzel but I just change one of them to 4 and I am playing.




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                Re: open at last

                thanks guys another bumper day today with SO Honduras coffee pouring brilliantly: wonderful aroma of vanilla beans and creme brulee on a creamy biscuity palate. Also seeing plenty of new faces and return patronage which is a good sign. Another 120 coffees today on day 3


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                  Re: open at last

                  Hows day 8 mate? Still looking forward to seeing pics.


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                    Re: open at last

                    yeah must get around to putting some pics up (and taking some for that matter!)

                    were closed weekends which is a tremendous relief considering how much work is involved getting a new place off the ground and up and running

                    i have to say so far so good - we made 150 coffees on thur and thats without advertising the fact that were open, and while running with a limited menu until we are ready to go with a more complete kitchen set up

                    hopefully my finances will come through in the next week which will allow us to be a bit more expansive in terms of what we are doing

                    but all the same things are going extremely well all things considered, and we are already breaking even in terms of our (admittedly minimal at this stage) set up costs

                    new coffee machine arrives on tue: Exobar G10 dual boiler machine with individual heat on demand thermoblocks running to each group head, allowing temperature control adjustment to complement the sweet spot of whichever coffee we are using

                    In theory at least this also means that the water running to the coffee has not been repeatedly boiled prior to extraction - so the water retains more O2 which oxygenates the coffee - bringing out the aromatics of the coffee in a subtle way (correct me if Im wrong here tech-heads)

                    Ill also be promoting our products and services a bit more aggressively once the new machine comes in, as it will be better able to keep up with demand and be able to maintain greater consistency than our current machine - which makes beautiful coffee - but which struggles to keep up in the milk heating department

                    Also just got the fridge doors repaired on Fri on the main display fridge, which, crazily, were both about a cm too small for the frame they were fitted into - meaning that they kept falling out all the time and the glass was completely gone in one of them!

                    Have had one coke self-service display fridge cut out during the week - couldnt keep up with the excessive heat

                    No great loss though as Im not planning on carrying any coke products anyway

                    Had the air con serviced during the week: motor had blown up, and intake vents had not been cleaned in years - said the repair guy

                    Not that it made much difference in the end anyway, as the condenser unit for cooling the air had also packed it in, so I had no cold air anyway

                    Thankfully Ive got 5 mounted ceiling fans, and an industrial-grade free standing fan as well, which, even though it was set up 20 feet away, still managed to keep me and the coffee machine / grinder cool in the heat

                    Trialed a new manager on Tue and hired her Wed: Lucys from Brisbane and has 4 years barista experience working in hard-core sounding coffee joints with names like: Raw Espresso, and Hard Espresso

                    So I feel pretty blessed in this department: I now have a couple of store managers across several sites, which gives me and my staff much greater flexibility than previously

                    My new glassware and crockery also arrived on Thur, and Im very happy about that!

                    I managed to pick up some lovely glassware and fine china cups at very reasonable prices

                    The glassware was run out stock - prob because the Duralex glassware range is now back in, creating a surplus of other items which prob would not move so well

                    So Im looking forward to increasing my food range now that the main display fridge is finally fixed and working properly! My finance should come through in the next week or so, allowing me to renovate as necessary, and to stock the place properly with commercial equipment, and already we are building a faithful and loyal client base, which should continue to grow and expand over time...

                    So I would have to say so far so good, and the future is looking better still!




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                      Re: open at last

                      good luck with it all!


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                        Re: open at last

                        well nearly two weeks in and so far so good.

                        new coffee machine arrived yesterday: expobar g10 3 group, and it certainly has helped to speed up production quite a bit

                        main display fridge has been repaired and is up and running, so ts time to boost up production on the food side of things, now that I can be confident that our coffee quality should remain intact with a more industrial machine

                        still no aircon though, which is a bit of a killer in melbournes 40C (well 39C actually but whos counting) heat. its actually hotter inside the cafe than out, as theres no way for the heat to escape, so I dumped 2 lots of beans yesterday, as they were cooked

                        now that Ive got the new espresso machine I think its time to upgrade the grinder as well: got a macap conical burr and a k8 for the decaf

                        the macap produces great and consistent ground for grind on demand but the plasticy looking blades in the dosing chamber create a fair amount of static fly-away sending the dose in every which direction, unless youve ground the exact amount necessary for the coffee you are making

                        uh oh: I can feel a k10 coming on, either that or more industrial blades in the dosing chamber- so I am making inquiries about each right now

                        sent 2 customers packing in the last few days... one complained that waiting 2 mins for a coffee (he timed it) from the time of placing his order, was far too long

                        so i told him to take his custom elsewhere (not in those words but)

                        and the other wanted to buy milk off us on a regular basis ("just like we did with the previous operator")

                        when I politely explained that if I provided this service for him then I would have to provide it to every customer who asked, and already Im running out of milk for myself some days, he said: "oh well.. youve lost my custom then!"

                        so i politely told him to rack off (not in those words) - which is most unlike me in general - i think the long hours and unbearably hot days might be taking their toll a little...

                        but i will say one thing: I stand by the products that I sell, and if a customer has a genuine complaint Im happy to address it, and as things stand Ive been handing out quite a few complementary SO piccolos, and Im happy to discuss coffee til the cows come home with anyone who cares to do so!




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                          Re: open at last

                          Complained about a 2 minute wait! :

                          Some people...


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                            Re: open at last

                            actually the guy who complained was back again for coffee today, and the dude who i wouldnt sell the milk to is head of a department that I had to deal directly with first thing today!

                            see how these things can come back to bite you on the bum...


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                              Re: open at last

                              Originally posted by askthecoffeeguy link=1204830552/0#13 date=1205895562
                              actually the guy who complained was back again for coffee today
                              was he armed with a stopwatch Pat? :