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  • BOOK "The Joy of Coffee"

    Hello folks,

    I would urgently need your advise on where I can find the book "The Joy of Coffee" by Kummer in Melbourne. I already called up Borders...

    Anyone has a definite hint as to where I can buy it today or tomorrow? Its kind of urgent.

    cheers, Chris

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    Re: BOOK "The Joy of Coffee"

    Try Books For Cooks.

    Do you want it for the recipes or the brewing tips?
    Is it for a present? Scott Raos new book was in store last week. It looks good, but is focussed on espresso. ~A$65


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      Re: BOOK "The Joy of Coffee"

      It is a present. I would need a book just to give a nice introduction to the many aspects of brewing, roasting, etc etc...


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        Re: BOOK "The Joy of Coffee"

        Ken Davids books on home roasting and espresso are good introductions. Not very expensive either.

        David Schomers book is a great starter for the aspiring or prof barista. Espresso focussed. Hard to believe it was written so long ago.

        Scott Raos book is more up to date with current theory and techniques than Schomers (I have only browsed through it, but Ill be buying a copy soon). Like Schomers it is mainly an espresso brewing book.

        The Illy book is awesome, but a chemistry background (year 12) would make it easier to grasp. A couple of friends gave it to me as a present this year and Ive enjoyed the book. Its not a leisurely read though. A great reference tool.

        Instaurators book is another I would like to get. Seems like it is both a narrative and learning book. Available as a hard copy from the 14th of April, pdf version is on sale now.


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          Re: BOOK "The Joy of Coffee"

          I forgot to mention John Doyles book, Barista Techniques. It is also espresso focussed, but a great book to give someone who wants to improve the quality of their espresso based drinks.
          Johns based out of Sydney, but the book is available at a number of places in Melbourne (Veneziano, StAli, The Maling Room or Book For Cooks)