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2005 Wish List update

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  • 2005 Wish List update


    I have gone through the list of requests for green beans posted since late October. Coffees listed and approximate number of requests are:
    • Fair Trade - not specific, 1 vote
    • PNG - Keyup, Peaberry, 3 votes
    • Sumatran - aged, Mandheling, 3 votes
    • Columbian, 2 votes
    • Guatemalan, 1 vote
    • Bali, - Shinzan, 1 vote
    • Ugandan, Bugisu, Budadiri, 1 vote
    • Java, Kalibendo, 1 vote
    • Ethiopian, Yirgacheffe, 1 vote
    • Yemen, Ismaili, 1 vote
    • Jamaican, Blue Mountain, 1 vote
    • Vietnamese, 1 vote
    • Centrals, "Cup of Excellence", 1 vote

    I have started talking to suppliers about these. Comments as follows:
    Fair Trade Coffees - Initial advice is you get the same coffee (identical in some cases) and pay a loading of $1.50 per kilo. You could also face a surcharge of 2% on the buy price payable to the licencing body. Confirmation of arrangements is TBA. If enough people want to pay the surcharge and there is no issue with accessing supply we will run a poll. Alternatively, if I dont see a positive reaction and/or I am not offered a Fair Trade coffee that justifies the price premium (by being superior to its lower cost brother) this may be as far as it goes.

    PNG - There are a number of outstanding PNG coffees available but stocks are limited because the rest of the world is aware of the quality on offer and is buying these at a premium. I have samples of 3 highly regarded PNG coffees. Expect to see a couple early in the year.

    Sumatran - There is a current poll up for one of these. I have a sample of a very good Sumatran that has not been previously offered here. Given the consistent demand, expect to see regular polls for these.

    Columbian - There are some very good quality Columbians that are regularly available. I have a sample of one of them. Expect to see a poll listing one of these early in the year.

    Guatemalan - A shipment of one of the best of these (from Antigua) is expected in January. Expect to see a poll in March.

    Bali - We have recently completed a poll for the Shinzan. There are also some other very good coffees from Bali and I have a sample to taste alongside the Shinzan. We will get some of these together for another poll in the first half of the year.

    Ugandan - Local interest in Ugandan coffees is strong with several available. Advice to me suggests the Bugisu and Budadiri are good but there are even better ones available. I have a sample of one of these. Expect to see a poll for a very good Ugandan coffee in the first half of the year.

    Java - There are a couple of Java coffees that will be available soon. More about these when I get the samples.

    Ethiopian - We have run several polls for several different Ethiopians. They are always very popular. Expect to see regular polls throughout the year for Yirgacheffe, Sidamo, Harrar etc.

    Yemen Ismaili - This is not available at the moment and there is no indication it will appear again any time soon. The suggestion is that if we see it again, the last price of circa $18/kilo will seem like bargain basement rates.

    Jamaican Blue Mountain - This is a rare and expensive coffee. It is not currently on offer to us.

    Vietnamese (anything, but mostly robusta) - We have access to some of these coffees but today I was advised "these are not the type of coffees you people would be interested in". I smelled them just out of the roaster and I did not press the point because I know the advice was good.

    Cup of Excellence (Centrals) - If we can get any of these they will be expensive but well worth tracking down. Nothing to speak of yet.

    Indians - not on the list above but definitely on my list of interest. I have 2 samples of highly regarded Indians to taste. If they live up to their recommendations, expect to see them on a poll in the first half of the year.

    Summary - We will be running monthly polls featuring at least 2 different coffees. We are building on the lessons learned from our first year and the objective will be to operate to a timetable aimed at getting everything completed in the same month. For example, polls list on the first Sunday of the month at 7:00PM AEST (or AEDST as the case may be). Polls close at the end of the week or as soon as open bags fill beyond that time. Invoices issued as bags fill. Coffee is ordered when polls close. Distribution takes place in the last week of the month. There will be opportunities for people to participate in the distribution. Timetables will be posted on the calendar. As in the November poll, we will email notices of new polls a few days prior to the listing.



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    Re: 2005 Wish List update

    Excellent, cant wait

    Id also be keen on trying some Indian beans. I had a small sample of an Indian Malabar and was intrigued with the spicy aroma of the green beans, noticeably cardomons



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      Re: 2005 Wish List update

      The Ethiopian Germado beans I have are fantastic. Unfortunately that means that my supply is dwindling fast. If you have the opportunity to buy these beans again I would be most interested.



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        Re: 2005 Wish List update

        Dont forget to include some Brazilian beans in there too. Those yellow bourbons were very nice.


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          Re: 2005 Wish List update

          Am a new member and have got a general picture of how CS operates. Wish to buy green beans for home roasting but havent been able to spot any poll offerings that are currently open. I would be interested in 2.5 kg bags of Brazil and Costa Rica coffee if available. Other beans that I have tried and liked have come from Sumartra, Cuba Kenya & Ethiopia. Grateful for some help to get involved.


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            Re: 2005 Wish List update

            I have a fair idea that this post will cop some flak, but here goes.

            I wouldnt mind some robusta to add to blends to give a better caffeine kick.



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              Re: 2005 Wish List update

              Mick, you dont get flack for asking about any green beans, robusta included. There have been possibly three requests for robusta over the last year. I listed robusta on an EOI poll and it received no support so nothing happened. When you consider that we get most coffees in bags with capacities of 60, 69 and 70 kgs and most people order in lots of 5kgs or less, simple arithmetic shows you need a minimum of 12 people to fully take up a bag of any coffee.

              On the last occassion when someone was after robusta I suggested he look at obtaining a small volume from a commercial green bean supplier to make sure that was really what he wanted. I even offered to get some for him from a Melbourne roaster. I never heard back.

              Robusta makes up approximately 40% of world coffee production. Some of it finds its way to Australia. There is ready availability of Indian, Brazillian and Vietnamese robusta in Australia. Prices tend to be very low but there is a ready explanation for why this is the case. In a recent visit to an importer I saw a line-up of robustas being readied for a cupping comparison. A smelled a couple of these and that was all I needed to remind me why I only bought robusta once.

              If you post generates more responses I am happy to put up another EOI poll.




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                Re: 2005 Wish List update

                Originally posted by ranger link=1102569434/0#4 date=1106916209
                Am a new member and have got a general picture of how CS operates. Wish to buy green beans for home roasting but havent been able to spot any poll offerings that are currently open.......
                Ranger, we operate monthly polls for green beans. From next month, these will be listed at 7:00PM on the first Sunday of the month. All registered CoffeeSnobs members are notified by email. Our polls operate on a first-in-best-dressed basis. The polls will usually list 2 to 3 coffees. We limit size to keep this as a manageable hobby. If the coffee is rare it could be gone in a few minutes. Most polls last a few days but all polls will close in a week or when the volume limit has been reached (whichever is sooner). Successful bidders are invoiced in the following week and have one week to pay. We buy the beans on their behalf, divide them and ship them. The plan is to complete the cycle in the month of the poll.

                Next poll is due on Sunday Feb 6th.




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                  Re: 2005 Wish List update

                  Two I’d like to add to my library are Costa Rican Tarrazu and Yemen Mocca. Also go along with Wired on the Brazilian
                  Cheers, YT