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  • pre-ground coffee

    so im getting my first espresso machine tomorrow for my sixteenth birthday and i dont own a coffee grinder of any kind because im the only one in my family who drinks coffee. eventually im going to get a grinder but in the meantime i need to buy preground coffee.

    so whats the best preground i can get? surely not from the supermarket? any places in melbourne you would recommend for ground coffee?

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    Re: pre-ground coffee

    ideally, pick it up fresh ground from a coffee shop, preferably one that roasts on site. alternatively some supermarkets stock illy coffee.


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      Re: pre-ground coffee

      Happy birthday for tomorrow Amy

      As you will already have the machine your best bet is to visit one of the Melbourne site sponsors on the left (Veneziano, Coffee Hit) and see if they will grind some fresh beans for you. Another option is to visit a deli and get them to grind small quantities for you. I think another CS has tried this. But if you want to enjoy decent coffee, then invest in a decent grinder ASAP. Consider the Sunbeam EM0450 as your starting point but expect to spend well in excess of $100.

      I was in your situation about 12 months ago was buying off-the-shelf pre-ground supermarket stuff. More often than not the coffee wasnt that nice. I bought a Gaggia MM a little later and the results were better but it still a bit hit-and-miss.


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        Re: pre-ground coffee

        Just three months ago, I scoffed at the idea of buying a grinder.

        Now im roasting my own beans.

        Poisoned by the honey that is espresso.


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          Re: pre-ground coffee

          hi amy
          as others have mentioned aboved there are quite a few places to get some fresh roasted coffee.
          theres going to be some differences b/w them, and some will suit your taste better than others.
          and it may depend where you live exactly and whats nearby.

          heres some suggestions off the top of my head
          veneziano - abbotsford (yes, i work for them!)
          coffee supreme - abbotsford
          atomica - fitzroy
          st. ali - sth melbourne
          coffee hit (online, site sponsor)
          andys brownbay - here on this site (i think he can grind for you)

          and of course ppl are going to say "just get yourself a grinder" and you will struggle to have really nice extractions with several-day-old pre ground coffee.

          scrounge around here in the for sale section - who knows whatll turn up?

          good luck



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            Re: pre-ground coffee

            Hi Amy and welcome,

            If it has to be pre-ground, I cannot recommend Andys (CoffeeSnobs brown) coffee too highly...

            Regardless of medals and accolades (and there are plenty of them 8-)) you will receive your coffee roasted to order and absolutely fresh.

            I buy in larger batches from Andy for my business and last week received my beans- personally delivered by Andy and roasted not 2 hours prior. I get to ensure that all coffee goes to my clients is at the peak of flavour.

            Nowhere in Australia will you receive such service and its guaranteed that the results in the cup will stun you.

            Enjoy your journey!



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              Re: pre-ground coffee

              I agree with Chris Amy about Andys roasted beans
              Here is my 2 cents worth that will give the best of 3 worlds
              1) Buy fresh roasted beans
              2) Have them ground at a friendly deli or coffee house in small amounts to suit your drinking needs
              3) Freshness is then maintained to the last bean

              Roasted beans will keep fresh for 3-4 weeks
              but Ground beans will last 3 minutes so an air tight container is in order

              I dont know if I helped you or not but when ground beans loose there full flavour after 3 minutes you know why a grinder is important.
              You should seriously consider getting a grinder and soon