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    I wonder if it would be appropriate to have a thread dedicated to the praise of our sponsors?

    Well I think it is so here is my praise for a more than worthy contender. Chris at Talk Coffee (2mcm) for busting his hump in an effort to get me a machine no matter what it takes. He has always been great with communication even before he knew he was getting a sale. Has been gracious with my inexperienced and frustrating questions. Delivered above and beyond expectations. All this whilst being an all round nice guy throughout the entire process. In saying this I havent actually got the machine delivered and it is not at the expected arrival date. But unexpected hiccups came along throughout the process with suppliers and shipping and things but Chris has risen above these. He continued to go beyond the call of duty on every occassion. All this with a great price as well. He got my sale without me even comparing prices, but have since seen the prices on other non-sponsor web pages.

    I am sure other sponsors have stories worth noting also and I have seen similar ones throughout other posts but I think they deserve a dedicated thread, perhaps one that is a set aside constant one?

    I know there is potential for stories to flood in as I believe the sponsors are that good. Having also dealt with Pedro at And would also recommend him to everyone as well, he knows his stuff and is happy to share it also. If you are genuine anyway, no one should be expected to give info to what as a mechanic I would call "tyre kickers" So well done sponsors and thanks each of you for your contributions to the coffee snob community.

    My rant for the day,


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    Re: Credit to Sponsors

    I agree, Brett.

    Will get back to you shortly...