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  • Buying 2ndhand Hardware

    Hi all,

    Im a newbie currently looking to purchase a decent home espresso machine and quality grinder, but Im not going to be able to afford a new model for some time. Has anyone got any advice or tips to share on what I should look out for? Warning signs would be particularly helpful!


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    Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

    Hi mate and welcome. Firstly we need to know what type of machine that you are after. There are plenty of generic comments, but this site will be more helpful to you if you have a specific machine(s) in mind.



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      Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

      Coffee machines, computers, cars... all the same.

      I think the best way to start the purchase process is to pick a budget.

      From that you can build a list of "likely" and then start trimming the list down depending on the features you would like/need/want.

      So, how much can you spend?
      (pick a number between 10-20,000)


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        Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

        Welcome to Coffee Snobs Flipper.
        Youre English is good for a dolphin.
        I never missed your show when I was growing up.

        Ebay is dangerous unless you can inspect the machine beforehand and you know what to look for.

        If you cant see the machine making a coffee dont risk it.

        If you cant inspect the grinder for cleanliness and quality of grind dont risk it.

        The safest place to buy 2nd hand is here.
        Coffee Snobs is generally safer because we all look after our equipment.
        I bought a 2nd hand grinder off a fellow CS and am happy with it.

        I did also buy a grinder sight unseen from an auction house but my son works there and I had a bit of an idea what I was risking.
        The price ended up being a steal and even though I havent fully cleaned it up yet, it looks like I was lucky and picked up a genuine bargain.

        Quite a few other CS members have bought satisfactorily from each other.

        How much of a budget limit have you set yourself?


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          Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

          Hi Flipper and welcome,

          you will get this advice soon anyway but buy a good grinder first to go with some good beans then the machine last with whatever is left.

          If you are a bit handy then second hand ex commercial is a cheap way to go but be prepared to fit a new set of burrs and maybe new bearings as well but they appear on ferralbay for uinder $300 and there has been a few here for similar money (much safer idea).

          Beans are easy Brown Bay or one of the sponsors or roast your own and save some $$ toward a fancier machine later.

          Machine as stated above second hand evilbay is a real riisk even cheap new (they are cheap for a reason) can be a waste of money. If $$ are a bit short and you like a good coffee have a look at Vacuum or Coffee Syphons while you save some more for a better machine (see Sorrentina Coffee :sponsor) <------) .

          To give you an idea for limited budgets my second hand ex commercial was $330 ($1500+ new) delivered with a spare set of new burrs and my espresso machine (ferralbay but new in box) was $280 delivered ($7-800 new). For similar money the Sunbeam machine/Grinder package is a good one as well.

          Try not to get to bamboozled


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            Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

            I just bought a refurb machine off ebay, it was a Gaggia Baby Twin, cost under $300 and was delivered yesterday with a 3 month warranty, so far all seems good everything is in working order.

            Now I just need to work out how to make a good coffee


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              Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

              Hello and welcome Flipper  [smiley=beer.gif],

              (Like Thundergod I am a great fan of your early work    )

              In the "Coffee Hardware For Sale" there is a Gaggia/Rocky/plus accessories package for sale now :

              I am not really sure why there is such a feeling here against Ebay???  (thats probably a question for "Off Topic") but my experience there has been positive and I have found many great bargains over the years.  You just have to research, read carefully, ask questions, and check feedback.

              Cheers - Carrie  


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                Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

                Good advice Carrie, research and care is the eay to go.

                problem with ferralbay is there is no real come backs if it does go wrong. If you read a Eurolab blurb and take it as gospel then you could make cafe coffee for undr $100 : If a boiler element on a second hand machine goes kabloohy after a week then add $1-300 to your bargin. I am a moderate user of evilbay and it is a great resource for the informed or those prepared to take a chance and has served me well for about 70 purchases for only one dud item.


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                  Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

                  Hi Beanflying,

                  If you come up against that RARE ebayer who doesnt do the right thing or want to solve a problem, both Ebay & Paypal have mechanisims in place for resolving issues.  Im not really sure what protection/come backs there are here?  
                  With all respect to my fellow snobs, I’m not sure why I’d feel  safer buying from someone who’s just signed up to Coffeesnobs than an Ebay seller with a decent history.



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                    Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

                    Mainly I was meaning the difference between buying here (no one who wants to stay here will sell a dud or leave an issue unresolved) or from a shop where you have consumer protection working for you.

                    Without going into to many details I was able to get some sort of resolution for my problem but is was a pain in the !@# due to the item being in very poor condition and not as described (Car Part). Hard to prove what is excellent, Average or Poor ....

                    Back on topic the Gaggia Package might be a good one to start with


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                      Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware



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                        Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

                        Originally posted by 715340405B5779320 link=1232419742/8#8 date=1232523448
                        With all respect to my fellow snobs, I’m not sure why I’d feelsafer buying from someone who’s just signed up to Coffeesnobs than an Ebay seller with a decent history.
                        Although there are some simple rules to stop new CS members just joining and selling immediately, what you really get here is the chance to get to know who you are dealing with, much better than you can with Ebay.


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                          Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

                          I dont think I would buy an espresso machine off ebay unless you can inspect, and know what to look for. I once inspected a fully serviced excellent condition machine that had holes in the front panel where lights used to be, worn and chipped paint, badly worn portafilters, and when I pulled off the top, steam coming out a dodgy repair to the autofill probe. It was really worn out. The awful thing was someone paid $1600 for this machine, and id say its true value would be more like $700.


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                            Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

                            I got to inspect one once that was for sale on ebay.
                            Trouble was it wasnt connected even though it was in a shop, so I couldnt see it running.
                            Too risky.


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                              Re: Buying 2ndhand Hardware

                              I did buy my pavoni unseen. I couldnt be bothered driving 1 1/2 hours to inspect. but i bought it expecting if probably would need lots of repairs (which it did) - so its ok if you dont mind fixing what is wrong with them, and budget for repairs. But I think a lot of people pay prices that should only be for excellent condition machines.