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So the obsession begins.

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  • So the obsession begins.

    Well, I talked my good lady into having a coffee at somewhere other than GJs today. Ever since I grabbed my new toy a week or so ago, she has quite patiently listened to my ramblings about needing to get a grinder, and then a popcorn popper, and the tamper thats on the way, maybe upgrading in time, and even maybe growing some beans in the backyard myself.

    Well, maybe not that last bit.

    Anyways, we lobbed over to Montague Rd in West End here in sunny brissie today to try an establishment which only recently opened here.  No, this isnt a back door around the fifty post qualification benchmark needed to post in the Best coffee places section.  Talk about a new taste. Ive worked over that part of town in the past, so was a bit suss about the potential location. These fears were proven correct. The chipped concrete floor and pillars, beautifully coated in some el cheapo paint, the old roller doors, even a web or two around the roller door axle. All it needed was some grease stains and a few oily rags to be complete.

    Ive never enjoyed a coffee more! The friendly open welcome, and wonderfully relaxed atmosphere were perfect!!

    I didnt know even where to start! Do I show my ignorance and ask to have the different beans explained? What do I order? Can I actually ask for my good wifes usual tipple .. half strength skinny latte? Does that even qualify as a coffee?

    These questions bedevilled me, so I just went for it anyways. I decided to go for a long macchiato to best give me the chance to sample the bean as close to natural as possible, and stick with my ladys tried and true.  We werent grabbed by security and ejected as I placed the order, so I figured we were either being humoured as complete noddys who deserved of their sympathy, or they werent the elitist snobs I may have imagined.

    My wifes reaction..."This is nice". That is as good a compliment as it gets from her! For me, my macchiato ensured that I will not only be going back there, but spend some time and dollars at home chasing that elusive shot of gold.  

    So the obsession begins!   :P

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    Re: So the obsession begins.

    I assume that you are talking about Veneziano. They are one of our site sponsors and I would be surprised if you hadnt been impressed with the coffee.
    Peter Wolfe is very knowledgeable and passionate about his coffee and a real nice bloke as well.
    It is also our pick-up point for Bean Bay.



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      Re: So the obsession begins.

      Crossing the river form Staford... Now that is pushing the limits of change for some... ;D

      If not having a coffee at a local or two a little east of you...

      Then we often drop into Veneziano and have never been disappointed...

      In fact my daughter goes out of her way to drop in when ever she gets the chance...


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        Re: So the obsession begins.

        Yep, that is where I was speaking of, just didnt want to cross the guidelines for posting reviews Couldnt start up a demarcation dispute.

        Mate, Ill be back there fer sure. Had already booked a Home Barista course there, not looking like Ill regret that for a moment.


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          Re: So the obsession begins.

          If you were there about 10.30 today you may have seen me there
          I was collecting by green beans

          I recommend you visit on Saturday 7.Feb.2009 for the free cupping session



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            Re: So the obsession begins.

            Originally posted by 202C293D24283F3F287D7B4D0 link=1233134639/3#3 date=1233143122
            Yep, that is where I was speaking of, just didnt want to cross the guidelines for posting reviews      Couldnt start up a demarcation dispute.
            Go for it mate.... [smiley=thumbsup.gif]

            Veneziano are long standing Site Sponsors and very highly respected around here,



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              Re: So the obsession begins.

              And did I mention....the price is so right!!!

              Would recommend to anybody, am hoping to head there with a mate tomorrow. 8-)