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Varying Time after Roast before Grinding

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  • Varying Time after Roast before Grinding

    Until recently I always used to wait 5-7 days after roasting before using beans.  However, I have just finished some weeks of leave during which I slightly lost track of time.  The end result was that, by accident and contrary to all of my previous practice, I used beans just 50 hours after roasting.  To my great suprise I found firstly that the ground beans were extremely light and fluffy, and secondly that the resultant brew was much lighter in mouthfeel and much sweeter.  With experimentation, I found that this gradually disappeared over 7 days, by which time the grind had lost the fluffiness and the brew was tighter, stronger, and more bitter in the mouth.  These results were repeatable.

    Has anyone else found this sort of result with very recently roasted beans, and if so, what were your impressions?


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    Re: Varying Time after Roast before Grinding

    Diferent beans behave differently.

    I always encourage newcomers to try beans from day 1 on to learn where they like it best in relation to the roast profile.

    If they change the way they roast it they should go through the excercise again.


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      Re: Varying Time after Roast before Grinding

      Yep.... What TG said

      Different roast profiles of the same beans will affect how the beans taste over time so is definitely worth checking as you start to experiment more with roasting techniques and profiles. Thats what is so great about home roasting, you have total control over the end result and will eventually be able to tailor roast outcomes to suit your taste preferences to a tee..... 8-)