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Aldi premium coffee arabica bricks 500grams

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  • Aldi premium coffee arabica bricks 500grams

    I noticed aldi have a new range of coffees. just called "premium coffee" . The 500gram bricks for $6.50, not the more expensive ones.

    They come in 2 types dark roasted 100% arabica. and medium roasted 100% arabica.

    I looked at the other coffee aldi have, and they dont even mention what sort of roasting they are. Can someone tell me what sort of roasting is everyday normal coffee in Australia. And if I were to assume its "medium roasted" How does Dark roasted taste in comparison?

    I bought the dark roasted, but I have no idea if I"ll be able to drink it. I hope it doesnt just taste like normal coffee but burnt.

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    Re: Aldi premium coffee arabica bricks 500grams

    Beware - the snob hordes are about to descend on this!

    Bear in mind that this site is dedicated to people who are quite passionate about their coffee when reading some of the replies that youre bound to get.

    As a rule when it comes to supermarket coffee, youll see a "Use By" or "Best Before" date. This is compared with a premium roaster from whom youll see a "Roasted On" date.

    The difference? Premium roasters will send you a product thats fresh - roasted within the last two days. Supermarket coffee will generally be at least a month old, and pretty shot to hell. Admittedly there is a large cost difference, but its for a reason.

    Having said that, its horses for courses! Tell us a little bit about your coffee journey - are you just getting started, what do you like to drink etc.



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      Re: Aldi premium coffee arabica bricks 500grams

      Hi atropine and welcome to CS! I think the biggest problem you could face with coffee from any supermarket is freshness.

      Like any perishable food product coffee has a definite shelf life and the coffee you buy in supermarkets is generally well past its prime. There is every chance itll taste sour more than burnt.

      In terms of how "everyday normal coffee in Australia" is roasted in Australia it really depends on the bean and what flavours the roaster is looking for. If you have a look <--- over in the Beanbay and click on the Other Stuff option youll see a CS membership card. Its a picture of beans roasted to various levels. What level you take any particular bean too depends on a variety of factors. My point being there isnt really a single way to roast "everyday normal coffee"

      Coffee is a journey and I sense you are just beginning. This website has been of immense help to me and many others not only for advice, but also for sourcing excellent fresh coffee. The beans available from any of the sponsors that roast and of course, Beanbay, are all of a high quality, carefully roasted and packed and sent as quickly as possible after roasting. I highly recommend you trying some of the coffee you can get here. Compare it to what you have bought from Aldi and Im confident that youll be blown away.

      Have a great evening!


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        Re: Aldi premium coffee arabica bricks 500grams

        Thanks for the replies.

        I started out with fresh beans, but I have a simple coffee machine and not much time of a morning. Grinding and using a manual coffee machine I found too time consuming. I certainly cant tolerate instant, so find vacuum bricks & a non aromatic average but tolerable coffee a reasonable compromise.

        Just an autogrinder without having to manually tamp would bring me back to fresh beans for sure, I just have to look at what outs there. I know you people probably only use manual machines but does anyone have a semi auto machine they can recommend. Im not sure if my terminology is correct, so incase its not. I would like the machine to auto grind, & auto pour the coffee without my interaction, but im happy to manually steam.

        Such a question might still be out of coffee snob parameters so no problems if people would prefer not to reply.


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          Re: Aldi premium coffee arabica bricks 500grams

          Hi Atropine
          Check out the site sponsors at the LHS of the page, they will steer you in the right direction regarding semi automatic machines.
          I am told there are a number available on the market and with everything else in life, you get what you pay for so i am sure it will pay off to do some indepth research.



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            Re: Aldi premium coffee arabica bricks 500grams

            Originally posted by 5A4F49544B52555E3B0 link=1233727619/3#3 date=1233781580
            Im not sure if my terminology is correct
            Sounds like a full auto. Someone was talking about office machines in the $1500-$3000 forum and different brands were mentioned. Might be a good place to start.



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              Re: Aldi premium coffee arabica bricks 500grams

              Originally posted by 4C5843444D4F754E5D4F46464F582A0 link=1233727619/5#5 date=1233799456
              Sounds like a full auto

              Actually what the OP wants is a "Super Automatic".... although they are often called something else - including Automatic (which is like a Sunbeam 6910)....

              And yes, you will find details in the $1500-$3000 forum.... (can even cost more than $3000) - they are not cheap.... have a high ongoing maintenance cost - both $$$$$ and time - and will only produce an OK espresso.....

              But they do it all for you (as best they can) :