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This is complicated isnt it!

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  • This is complicated isnt it!

    As I spend more time with my new machine I am realising how complicated the whole good coffee thing is. I have been following the debate about double basket Vs single basket. I usually make coffee for myself & the Son, using the double basket. This morming Mrs Rocky wanted a Cappa so I made hers & Sons & then followed with mine using the single basket. Big difference.
    It took a full minute for my pour and nothing came through for the first 30 seconds. When it did it ran satisfactorily. It was not quite as good a taste as my prevoius mornings pour from the double basket - a tiny bit bitter with slightly less crema. The slow start alarmed me somewhat.(I did not have the presence of mind to check the pressure gauge)
    Maybe a slightly coarser grind (couple of notches) needed for the single basket? I dont think it was too firmly tamped.

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    Re: This is complicated isnt it!

    you need a different grind setting for the baskets....though this is not necessarily true. I used to run a 3 group machine with a single spout handle and 2x double spout handles. I dialed in the grind for the double baskets....and for single, I would dose slightly down, without altering the grind. Got some beautiful pours!


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      Re: This is complicated isnt it!

      For ease of use I use nothing but a double...

      If I want a week one or a small coffee, I just pull the shot short...

      Not ideal in some cases, but better than changing grinds / tamps and another PF to clean..

      Opps, am I laze....


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        Re: This is complicated isnt it!

        As the others said,
        you can either use double basket for everything,
        cut the pour short for a single,
        use slightly courser grind setting for the single basket (suggest only one notch on a Rocky),
        or dose down a bit for the single,...
        or try a slightly larger single basket, which might work well with the dosing down approach, then no need to change grinder settings.



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          Re: This is complicated isnt it!

          Thanks Guys,
          I was gobsmacked at the difference between the single & double. I was getting worried the thing was going to blow up when nothing had appeared after 30 secs.
          I have used a single before although only maybe once or twice & did not have this problem. I felt I maybe underdosed a fraction but the tamp was just my usual one. I will give it another try this week and up the dose a fraction and make it a notch or two coarser and see what eventuates. Its a big experiment isnt it?!!