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Portafilter leaking

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  • Portafilter leaking

    So I have a gaggia classic and till recently I have used a spouted portafilter. I could never turn it so it was straight towards me, it always pointed a bit to the left but as long as I pulled it tight enough it didnt leak.

    Now I have a naked portafilter and no matter how tight I pull to the right it it still leaks. I can never turn is as far as my spouted one. When I say it leaked the water comes out the outside of the portafilter.

    Any ideas what Im doing wrong, have tried everything I can think of..  

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    Re: Portafilter leaking

    Too much coffee in the portafilter?
    Bad seal?
    If it is only leaking with the naked portafilter maybe there is something wrong with the lugs on the side - compare to the other one you have. Have you tried locking in a blank basket used for back flushing? That would eliminate the possibility that you are packing in too much coffee. Are you using the same basket in both portafilters?

    Hope you solve your problem!



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      Re: Portafilter leaking

      could be an issue with the fit of the naked.
      what happens when you pull a shot with your gaggia handle?
      could also be a case of the group seal coming out of place a little. that can happen when backflushing and removing the handle before the pressure is releived - the pressure release somehow can dislodge the group seal.



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        Re: Portafilter leaking

        Thanks for your replies guys....

        I have had the naked for a couple of weeks and have tried different amounts of coffee so Im not over packing it.
        I have compared the lugs on both PF but they match - the original is a little worn but not by much.
        I just had a play and it still leaks with the blind filter.
        I tried to check the group seal but cant get the shower disk holder off - but will get my mate over tomorrow to try and get it off and check it for me.

        Thanks for your help!


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          Re: Portafilter leaking

          Hi there,
          How long is it since you have had your classic serviced? and how long have you had it.

          I would say your seals need replacing and a good service carried out.
          CC2, what state are you in as I know of a very good service man here in Adelaide and if you PM me I can give you his number.


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            Re: Portafilter leaking

            Hi Luncinda

            I have had it since december (second hand) and was told it was recently serviced, but yes this might be a good idea - thanks. Im in Brissy but thanks for your offer. I did a search and found a service place nearby.


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              Re: Portafilter leaking

              Just to update this - I sent it off to be serviced with the naked portafilter and the service tech said it doesnt fit my machine. Other than that the machine is in good nick - just needed a few new parts (shower etc), a descale and they were putting my new steam arm on and then I can pick it all up.

              Have to say I have been massively impressed with the aeropress I have been using while the gaggia was in the shop.