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Three months on - and hooked

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  • Three months on - and hooked

    Its three months since my descent into snobbery began with the almost fatal first step which was a dirty old Krups. I have a habit of doing things back to front and this time it was getting the machine THEN doing the research :

    Found and joined up here, and havent looked back. Quickly realising the error of my ways, i did some research, asked a few questions, Kevs first cheque, and the end result was a gleaming red EM6910 paired up with the EM0480 grinder with some othr bits and pieces for $510 off Ebay. The first lesson here...always clean your machine kiddies. Whilst availing myself of DiBellas wonderful service of a free hours training on your own machine, we (Anne Cooper and myself) found a distinct lack of H2O travelling the pipes. As the machine had been drained, this was thought to be a possibility. Further investigation (which invovled removing the screen from the group head) found two gingernut biscuits which passed as screens/filters. The previous owner had obviously not cleaned the machine at all, resulting in two comletely clogged screens. It would have been nice to grab a couple of photos, but this could not be. As I said though, they bore a very close resemblance to gingernut biscuits.

    A quick clean though, and we were away.

    A couple months on, and much has been learnt. The generosity of both Anne Cooper from DiBellas and Peter Woolfe and staff at Venezianos up here in Brissie is like nothing I have encountered in almost any other field or business. Over many varied and delicious a coffee or five, these folks have never held back in sharing their knowledge, time and beans. Ive been able to sample some wild and wonderful tastes through some cupping sessions at both shops, and met a few Snobs who were only too willing to help out a very green newcomer. The home barista courses run by both shops I would recommend to anybody starting out....the leg up I was given in terms of doing things right with my machine from the start has been invaluable, and I reckon I would have been mad to even contemplate otherwise.

    In between doing many miles sampling coffees between Bowen Hills and West End, the 6910 has been running hot, and Ive been able to enjoy some very nice drops. Now it is just about practice, with the next step into the dark world of roasting to come. I have a few bags of some lovely BeanBay greens sitting in the cupboard ready to roll, and a few bags of brown to grind my way through. My wife has never had it so good, with fresh coffee available at her beck and call (the price I had to pay) And now we are about to fire up an old drip filter cone I had tucked away not knowing what I had there, and a plunger courtesy of AGM Neilsen ratings boxes gift dept.

    What was that about caffeine ODs??

    So it continues on, fuelled by the knowwledge shared so willingly by the people previously mentioned, and everyone here at Snobs.

    Cheers,eh. 8-)

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    Re: Three months on - and hooked

    Sounds like a rewarding experience.

    I agree with your comments about home barista courses, i did one in melbourne which is classed as a Tafe version and gained alot from it although i personally wouldnt have classed it as a Tafe version as i thought it was too easy to sit back and not produce the goods given there was no test at the end.

    One thing though is clear, its all about the toys.


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      Re: Three months on - and hooked

      Great story pierre, I discovered early days the willingness of the coffee fraternity to share their knowledge and nurture newcomers along the path to coffee nirvana. The wonderful passionate people I have met on my journey so far has been a revelation.
      My wife is a big fan of my coffee (very critical also!!) and keeps me on my toes.
      cheers gm


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        Re: Three months on - and hooked

        Every time I read such a great story, I envy those of you who live in a capital city for being able to get a hand with the art of making good coffee.

        Cheers and keep on having fun !


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          Re: Three months on - and hooked

          Brisbane member BrighterSide does training at your home, with your machine, and hes a great trainer (and a pretty good roaster)! PM him for more info...


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            Re: Three months on - and hooked

            Yeah, its been a fun trip. The chance to sup on some tasty drops has been almost a bonus. Meet some good people. And see how much there is still to learn.