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How Great Is Your Team!!!!

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  • How Great Is Your Team!!!!

    Hi to all readers.... i thought it was time for those of us that are lucky enough to own great companies in the coffee industry to appreciate the amazing team of people we have working for us....... and for those that are css and are readers can too enjoy reading about the people that help make our companies successful......

    Not a day goes by that someone at Di Bella does not put a smile on my face by either the way they acknowledge someone that walks into our retail....... or rings for an urgent order due to a mad rush or to dealing with someone that is just being a pain in the butt........

    We are not in the coffee business but rather in the people business and to have a team of people at Di Bella that support this, live this and go about this everyday helps make our company what it is today.... and for this, and many other reasons, I THANK THEM!!!

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    Re: How Great Is Your Team!!!!

    I would like to congratulate the team at Coffee Roasters Australia..... for since the unfortunate passing of Les.... they have done a fantastic job in continueing the company in a professional and successful manner........ this would not be easy or possible if the team was not truley committed and talented...... CONGRATS TO YOU GUYS.... HE WOULD BE PROUD!!!!