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UK (and European) Coffee Scene - industry links anyone?

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  • UK (and European) Coffee Scene - industry links anyone?


    as a European traveller in Australia I am quite amazed at how far Australia is in front of the the vast majority of the UK regarding coffee. Since being in oz, I have developed quite a thirst to delve into the industry upon my return later in the year.

    For those that have never been, London is pretty darn expensive city to live in, especially for recent graduates such as I who have no great savings. I am willing to give it a go though, primarily to undertake the SCAE accredited training program that has been recently introduced.

    Nevertheless, would anyone like to recommend speciality coffee / roasters / or have links with people in the UK  that I could contact about possible job opportunites? I have done a little research myself, but thought Id ask  the CS as the UK seems rather taken over by Aussie baristas!

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    Re: UK (and European) Coffee Scene - industry links anyone?

    Square Mile Roasters? If you google it you should come up with some info.

    Should point out that the last three world barista champs have been from the UK (2007, 2009) or Ireland (2008)


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      Re: UK (and European) Coffee Scene - industry links anyone?

      Pop on over to Too Much Coffee, the European equivalent of Coffee Snobs and Coffee Geek (although the membership and activity is smaller).  Theyll have some pretty good answers for you.

      In addition to Square Mile listed above (see also James blog) , check out Has Bean also.  Steve has a blog, a weekly videocast, and has just started another, longer videocast with Colin Harmon (but Im not sure how often this one will be).