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  • What Tap Timer?

    Okay, so with my new setup, Chris recommended that I put a surge guard on the power outlet, which - after hearing that he think that a surge caused all the problems with the previous owner - Im inclined to agree with. Cheap insurance, I reckon and, considering my setup is now worth more than my computer and Ive got one for the computer, its only right and fair.

    Id also like to get a timer for the outlet also, so I can set it to switch on prior to my getting up in the morning so its good to go at 5.45am.

    Does anyone know if theres one out there that can do both?

    If youve got one, what brand do you have, where did you get it and what approximate price am I looking at to get a decent one?

    If you cant get one to do both, is it getting a bit risky doubling them up?


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    Re: What Tap Timer?

    I dont believe one get both a
    1) Surge protector &
    2) A timer
    On one unit

    Best to get a surge protector 2 to 4 outlet board & connect a separate timer to it

    Phillips make one but I am not sure if one is available for Australia


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      Re: What Tap Timer?

      Yes, you can get a surge protector with builti-n timer but I agree with KK that its best to have them separate so, if one fails, you only have to replace that one piece rather than a whole unit.

      If you get a surge protector with multiple outlets make sure the outlets are widely spaced enough to allow you to plug in other cables if you have one or more timers plugged in.


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        Re: What Tap Timer?

        JUst thought Id post an update on this, in case any one else is thinking along the same lines.

        Popped into Bunnings (or The Big Red Hammer Shop as it is known to the rugrats) and found a combined two outlet 7 day digital power timer with surge guard protection for only $26.00! Dont recognise the brand name at all (Heller), but never been one to only go for popular brands anyway as long as it does the job!

        Features off the back of the box:-

        * Allows 2 appliances to operate simultaneously
        * 2 Individual Programmable Outlets
        * 6 On/Off Programs Per Channel
        * Extra Wide Socket Space
        * Free Combination of Weekday Set
        * OTP (One Time Process) Function - Allows You to Set a Specific Program to Run Once, Not Weekly
        * One Button Program Check Function
        * Random Function - Sets a Random Program Period of Between 10-31 Minutes During 0600 - 1800
        * Daylight Saving Function - Switch to Summerttime Without Resetting the Programs and Current Time
        * Built-In Rechargeable Battery Backup
        * Current Time and Day Display
        * Surge Protection

        Made in China, Hella is a Registered Trade Mark of GAF. GAF is a Wholly Australian Owned Company.

        Just finished programming it and have plugged it in, so heres my fingers crossed that Ive programmed it correctly...

        Will give a bit of an update in a while as to whether my programming worked and if Ive encountered any problems along the way.

        I was pretty chuffed because I was thinking I would to have to pay around $100.00 for it (along the same lines as a water tap timer), but it ended up a heck of a lot cheaper than I thought!!



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          Re: What Tap Timer?

          I love Bunnings...

          Though I think Im now going to call it "The Big Red Hammer Shop"... ;D