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7 Grams - is it enough?

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  • 7 Grams - is it enough?

    I am pretty new to the game.  I work from home on a farm so got myself a grinder and a Sunbeam 6910.  I have had mixed success with my espresso.

    After a bit of reading, it seems that the standard is about 7grams of freshly ground coffee, tamped down at about 15kgs and an extraction time of about 30seconds.

    My big question is - is 7grams enough in a single basket, single shot?  After tamping, it seems too little and even with a very fine grind, the extraction takes only about 15 seconds and the coffee is rubbish.

    If I go for about 15grams, it is all quite palatable, but would like to try and go the for illusive perfect cup.

    Any help would be great.  Thanks

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    Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

    Theory and practice are often two different beasts

    As a baseline, if the shot is dying after 15 seconds then your volume is out.

    If the pour is too fast, your grind is too coarse.

    Try working one variable at a time. Get a reasonable flow via your grind setting, and then start working on dosage.


    PS Welcome aboard!


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      Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

      Welcome to CS Paul

      The single shot 7 grams I found a nightmare to control and be consistent with. I got rid of the single basket early on and have always used a double basket. It made things a lot easier to control IMO.

      Enjoy the trip



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        Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

        I second redzones comments,
        7g single basket combo is very difficult to get good results with.
        Small double basket will work much better with from 14g in it.
        So called God shot is nearly always extracted from a double basket (or a large single basket), as far as I am aware.



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          Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

          The baskets on the 6910 are incredibly generous, it is more likely that the single takes around 10 - 12g and the double takes around 18 - 21g (I think).

          The 6910 also does not like to be under-dosed.

          As a ballpark, you should be aiming to get around 1/2 of te metal from the sunbeam tamper above the rim of the basket, this should gt you in the ballpark for having enough coffee.

          Once you have the volume of coffee right, then you can work on te grind to get the our time in the 20 - 30 secs for a single or double, depending on which basket you use.

          You mentioned that you have a grinder, can we assume that the beans you have are freshly roasted (not from a supermarket). If they are not fresh (within say last 3 weeks) then you will not get good results, period.

          You also havent mentioned which filter you are using. The 6910 comes with 2 sets, some standard ones (lots of holes if you look underneath them) or dual wall (only 1 or 2 holes if you look underneath them). If you are using the dual wall filters, take these out and put them in a safe place, use the normal filters only (as above, only ofcourse if the beans are fresh).

          I dont think you mentioned which grinder you have. So long as it is a Sunbeam EM0450 or better then it should be able to get you a good pour.

          If you have a look through the $500 - 1500 section, there are plenty of threads on the 6910 and how to get the best results.


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            Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

            Thanks to everybody for the quick and useful replies. You have given me a heap of pointers that I can use to make some progress.

            I am using the normal single basket (lots of holes) so have at least got that bit right My grinder is probably not the best - a DeLonghi KG100 burr grinder.

            I will also have a read of the other threads on the 6910.

            Thanks again everybody.


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              Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

              Another quick one for Chris. You say that you always use the double basket, rather than the single. I assume this means you have a double-shot of espresso every time - or make two coffees?



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                Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

                Just drink the doubles Singles are for woosies ;D As mentioned above singles are a pain in the grass to use so hide it in the bottom drawer in the kitchen.

                Or drop a shot glass under the other side of the double and keep it in the fridge for iced coffees (over summer). But better is just drink them as doubles


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                  Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

                  your grinder is likely to struggle to give you a good pour, however, I would actually recommend that you use the single basket, this seems to need a coarser grind than the double, so if its "just" fine enough for a 20ish sec pour on the single, then it will most likley result in a gusher using the double.

                  If the budget will allow, try and upgrade the grinder in the near future so that you can get better results.



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                    Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

                    Ive been playing around with the single basket at work recently. Both single and double baskets are La Marzocco. Ive been finding with the single it needs a dose that gives the same headroom as the double (the tamper goes into the basket by the same amount). For how Im pulling shots this means no collapsing on the single (awfully convenient ;D). There is no need to change the grind between a single and a double.


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                      Re: 7 Grams - is it enough?

                      Highly recommend going with the overdosing suggestions.

                      Have you viewed the Sunbeam DVD :