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  • Hi all from newbie Monkey

    Hi Everyone

    Im really happy that I recently found CS.  Ive been reading lots of posts for a week or so and have found a wealth of knowledge here, excellent

    I picked up my Silvia on Friday ;D and am just waiting for my Rocky.  Ive found that the Silvia is pretty much useless with my Delonghi grinder even after I tweeked it, so Ive had fun practicing frothing.

    Once I pick up my Rocky (hopefully tomorrow) no doubt Ill have a few questions to ask :

    Ahhh... Monkey

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    Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

    Good one Monkey [smiley=thumbsup.gif],

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs [smiley=happy.gif].... Were looking forward to hearing back from you after youve had a chance to practice on Miss Silvia and Rocky. All the best and Happy Brewing,



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      Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

      Hi Monkey!

      Welcome to CS from me!

      This is a great place to find stuff out. And I daresay youve probably already read the recent threads about using the LM double basket in the Silvia. If not, head over to Brewing Equipment, as there is some discussion there. And youll probably be wanting to upgrade that little black plastic excuse for a tamper that came with your machine! Check out the site sponsors as most of them carry a wide range of eye candy and practical tampers!


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        Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

        Gday Monkey,

        Welcome aboard! CS is a great place to learn and share knowledge. Ive picked up heaps of useful tips from other members, and its a great feeling when you find something yourself thats useful to contribute back to the pool. Synergy and all that!



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          Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

          Welcome Monkey, It great that you jumped right in and said Hi,

          Have you got your Rocky yet?

          Hows the whole experience bean? Whats good whats bad?



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            Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

            Thanks Jono and everyone else

            I finally got my Rocky yesterday; WA stands for Wait A while :

            Anyhow, I raced home all excited today to play with the new gear. I picked up some fresh roasted beans on the way.

            After pulling about 20 shots I am not so excited anymore. I think Im struggling a bit.
            After about shot 5 or 6 I managed to produce bang on 30ml in 27 seconds but to do so the flow was so slow it went from the little mouse tails I was told to aim for to fast drips. Is that about right? :-?

            So now I can produce 30ml in 25-30 seconds of sour/bitter coffee.

            So then I tried using the double filter on exactly the same grind and tamp preasure. Within 10 seconds the flow slowed to little drips and I porduced about 25ml of toxic waste.

            Sorry about the long sad post but any lecturing would be much appreciated.



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              Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

              That was the same position I was in a few weeks ago when I got my machine and grinder. Bad shot after bad shot. Is worth persisting though and you will be glad in the end. I am a novice so cant offer too many words of advice to point you in the right direction.
              Is worth noting where the bad taste is on your tongue. Sour on tip? Bitter at back? That will help with diagosis. Sour is fast from memory of what 2mcm told me and bitter is slow. So work off taste over timing. Starting with drips and than starting to flow a bit better from there.

              Trust me it is worth it, taste over measure at end of the day.


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                Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey


                How hard are you tamping?

                How full is your filter basket?

                Look at the shot as it is being pulled how long does it take to change from dark to a light blond colour?

                Are your pucks really wet and muddy?

                Try getting things right with the double first its much easier,



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                  Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey


                  I have found that the dose level (amount of coffee added to the basket) has a big effect on the quality of the pour, maybe a little more so than fine adjustments to grind. If the basket isnt dosed right then I tend to get a fast pour.

                  Make sure you are at least dosing to the line around the inside of the basket, and try a tad higher as well. A small change in dose level can go from producing a fast pour to ristretto. When it is dosed right, I also find the tamp pressure doesnt matter that much.

                  When filling the basket, give the portafiller a few sharp taps on the bench mid grind and at the end of grinding to settle grounds before tamping. I have also found that using this method gives more consistent shots.


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                    Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

                    Hi Monkey,

                    Weve all been there and wondered....
                    You have the basics, good grinder and fresh beans, keep persevering, Silvia can make some awesome coffee with practice.

                    Firstly, forget the single basket for now, just work with the double initially. (You can either pour two drinks at same time, or let half go into the drip tray, or.... try the first half of the pour only, its sweeter anyway if your close). Then make sure Silvia has had plenty of time to warm up, 30mins minimum, 45 is better.

                    I second the other comments above,
                    its really important to be consistent with how much goes into the basket, tapping on the bench as Matt G noted is helpful for me also.
                    Additionally I level off the top with the back of a kitchen knife before tamping.
                    Look for evidence of channeling in the pucks after each pour,
                    means the distribution of the grounds in the basket wasnt as even as should have been, can help this by vigorous tapping of the PF by hand a couple of times as you grind into the basket.

                    Also, the puck should look relatively dry shortly after you have removed the PF from the grouphead, more dose required if its too wet.

                    Finally, taste the shot, where is it on your tongue as CoffeeChaser noted, and try a grind adjustment.

                    Theres some good brews coming soon.



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                      Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

                      Originally posted by scoota gal link=1162991223/0#2 date=1163020063
                      ...And I daresay youve probably already read the recent threads about using the LM double basket in the Silvia. If not, head over to Brewing Equipment, as there is some discussion there.
                      Hi Scoota,

                      Cant find the thread youre referring to. Do you remember the subject name?



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                        Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

                        I think this is the one you might be interested in Julio...



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                          Re: Hi all from newbie Monkey

                          Hey there Monkey Man!

                          I found the techniques described in to be extremely helpful, especially the description of how to level and distribute. The one addition I would make is that I find it better to use a knife rather than my finger for this purpose.

                          It may also help to see some of these techniques in action, in which case you can check out the videos at, as well as the tips at


                          P.S. Thanks for the pointer Scoota Gal!