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  • Advanced Home Barista Workshop

    Hi everybody!

    Hazel is off to New Zealand this weekend for the final stage of the 2006 Trans Tasman Barista Championship, let us all give her a cheer and cross our finger for the "Baristaroos" (also Justin, Genaro, David, Con and Natalie) to to represent us with honor and win the New Zealand "Blackcups"!

    Surely shed be happy also to learn that a full house is awaiting upon her return for the FIRST EVER Advanced Home Barista Workshop in Sydney organized by Di Bartoli on the 18 November!!!

    Yes, you can join us too! few more spots are available for this exciting Saturday Afternoon 3:00 pm - 6:30 pm workshop, at the Di Bartoli Shop, Bondi Junction.

    How often, while experimenting with your equipment, you ask questions like: "how much do I dose to reach perfection?", "how do I achieve temperature consistency?", "whats the best distribution technique?", or "why can I steam milk for Cappuccino, but that silky, creamy Latte milk is beyond my comprehension"?

    Hazel has the key to these questions and more! and with a little help from her famous range of Barista tools, like the: naked portafilter, training tamp, digital thermometer and probe, precision scale, shot glass and timer, and of course, the all-important taste buds, youd likely to get wiser & proficient with your coffee making techniques. Purely a hands-on workshop from start to finish. Participants are encouraged to share and show others tips and techniques they have found useful to their routine.

    Cost is: $80.00 per person, 10% discount for the person who brings a partner / friend.

    To guarantee your space, just call Ofra today on: 9389 9892 Dont miss out on that one, Sharpen your skills before Christmas! 8-)

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    Re: Advanced Home Barista Workshop

    Thanks everyone for the overwhelming enthusiasm and for filling lines so quickly!

    Just one more spot is available for this coming Saturday workshop! so hurry up and call Ofra on: 02-9389 9892 to book yourself in!


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      Re: Advanced Home Barista Workshop

      Curses! Im working 3pm-11pm at Springwood in the Blue Mountains and I cant get a shift swap!