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  • Coffee at Costco

    Went for a wander around the new Costco in Docklands last night.
    Freakin HUGE!
    Anyhow, they had 1kg bags of whole bean coffee on sale. Proudly displaying the fact that they were roasted by Star$s.
    No valve, no roasted on date, use by November 2009.

    Cheap, but Im afraid the taste test is going to have to fall to someone else.

    I chose not to purchase and instead, went home and had some Guatemalan SHB that WAS stored in a 1 way valve bage after roasting and DID have a roasted on date. And I knew it was accurate, cos I was THERE when it happened (avoiding burny ow-ows!).

    Its an interesting store. Very wide range of goods. Some are great value, some you can do better at other places, but I think it will thrive. Sydney get theirs next year?


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    Re: Coffee at Costco

    Yes I mentioned this in the supermarket coffee thread a couple of weeks ago.

    Will be interesting how they go once the novelty wears off. I am a direct supplier of fresh produce to them and our orders have been very steady.

    I believe that the Sydney store will be opening the same time next year.


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      Re: Coffee at Costco

      Were they selling a couple of other brands of coffee beans as well? I used to buy kilo bags of them on my regular trips to LA, until I became educated on the ways of freshly roasted coffee. (all those wasted years of drinking bad coffee ...... )
      but I cant wait to see what Costco has here on their shelves, becauseI love shopping in the Us of As costco. They sell the YUMMIEST roasted pistachio nuts!! And I havent bought dishwashing tablets at COles for years...


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        Re: Coffee at Costco

        Starbucks brands only if I remember correctly.