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  • Approachable information on coffee for the customer..

    From time to time, Im sure weve all wished for ways that we could educate the customer, its pretty clear that although they order their flat whites and long maccs, they actually.. and this doesnt apply for everyone of course, but have almost close to no idea what it is theyre drinking or spending their 3 - 5 dollars on.

    Its always been a bit of a vision for me, to educate customers, each and every single one of them. Yet this is kind of hard to do in a tasteful way, instead of just shoving information down their throat just because you dont want to make them something which could be better, simply because you know better. (yay for completely ignoring preference)

    So I had an idea of just designing tiny pamphlets with witty titles and some basic easy to read and understand information. For example, "How hot is too hot?" and have a picture of a volcano inside a cup, pouring lava over the sides and then a small paragraph or two of cleverly written information about what happens when you pass that certain threshold in full cream milk and soy; the effects it has on your bodys digestive system and what it means to you as a consumer and your taste buds.

    This isnt so much of "Im going to change the world!" but more or less just a thought on easy and approachable ways to inform the customer, where they can choose to pick up that pamphlet positioned very tactically next to the till, and read it while they enjoy their coffee. Not only that, but I could rotate it, so the information changes every month, going from one issue to another issue. Perhaps even explaining what each drink is as well.

    This was my method; however, what kind of method would you try develop to educate your customer.

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    Re: Approachable information on coffee for the customer..

    That sounds like a fine idea.

    The whole series could be something like--"Know what youre ordering"



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      Re: Approachable information on coffee for the customer..

      I agree - as an uninformed customer in the dim and distant past (ie; 12 months ago), I would have appreciated something like this to give me a heads up on coffee.

      I guess the main thing is - and I dont get this feeling that youre going to do this anyway - not to turn it into a paid advertisement but just an informational newsletter arrangement. By all means, put a plug for your cafe on the top of the first page and on the back page, if its tri-fold, but dont make it too much of a plug otherwise people may not pick it up and read it.

      But, I say a big thumbs up for the idea!



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        Re: Approachable information on coffee for the customer..

        Great idea - but dont be too discouraged if it doesnt change too many peoples minds.

        Ive tried to educate a bit myself and found customers doggedly sticking by their preferred (boiled) guns. For some people good reasons are never as good as their habits and preference. capp-inertia I guess.

        But I too dream of a world where a reasonable customer might come to an understanding via a pamphlet or a casual chat on the subject and share the passion we all have for the bean, so best of luck with it.


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          Re: Approachable information on coffee for the customer..

          I personally like the idea of a tri-fold and sort of making it represent itself that its one of the ideas of our cafe in general. I wont feel too cut if its not a huge hit inside, but its certainly a good step in the right direction!

          Now to just create it, print out 50 or so and see how it takes off.


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            Re: Approachable information on coffee for the customer..

            We too are looking at doing similar things in our cafe to educate on freshness. (We are a microroastery).

            I have had to explain that although our "big" grinder may be better than their sunbeam em4180, it was better to grind on demand at home. It just sucks when it is too busy to have the wonderful warm enriching experience when a customer happily walks away a little wiser, understanding that you do not wish to patronize but simple enlighten!