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Blending creates new flavours

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  • Blending creates new flavours

    Ive blended some single origon beans on several occasions, each time the blend has contained flavours that werent in either of the original beans.
    This does not seem possible but Im gonna ask anyway> is it?
    Or is it some external factor that Im introducing with the change in grind, tamp etc?

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    Re: Blending creates new flavours

    This is a really interesting question; a few thoughts come to mind ...

    Yes, things can interact. A large chunk of Ted Lingles Coffee Cuppers handbook explores the interaction of basic tastes in coffee; eg. how sweetness and acidity interact. You can get a sense of these interactions by tasting solutions of varying concentrations of salt, citric acid and sugar and mixing them. I suppose that different types of tastes will interact with each other as well; for example, rather than simply adding up, blending two coffees with different types of acidity might lead to that elusive and wonderful "juicy" quality. The extent of these interactions is something that would be interesting to explore.

    Next, there is a very interesting idea that blends might perform worse when they require a grind setting that is different from the optimum grind settings for each of their components. To try to explain that more clearly, imagine that you have a blend of coffee A and coffee B and you would grind coffee A at grind setting 7 when extracting it as a single origin and you would grind coffee B at grind setting 9 as a single origin. The blend might grind at grind setting 8. The idea is that one of the coffees will be underextracted to some extent and the other would be overextracted. I remember that CS member Reuben did an experiment on this a while back. An interesting experiment might be to determine the grind setting for the blend, then extract each of the single origins at that grind setting and see what they taste like.

    All of this points to the value of a roasters skill in blending.



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      Re: Blending creates new flavours

      Post pour blending?
      For an entirely academic exersise it could be very interesting on a machine that allows different temperature settings per group.

      sorry back ot


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        Re: Blending creates new flavours

        Originally posted by 455D58584D5C774549461E1F280 link=1253673753/2#2 date=1253711574
        on a machine that allows different temperature settings per group.
        Can anyone say Dalla Corte? lol

        And yes! that sounds like a good experiment to make..something i might try at work one day now that we have 4 grinders.