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A Week Without Coffee (or tea)

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  • A Week Without Coffee (or tea)


    You may well ask.

    No-one can deny the pick-me-up you get from a cup of tea or coffee, but I dont like to be dependent upon artificial stimulation for daily function (OK coffee is a natural product but you know what I mean). Im not a heavy drinker but Id normally have a cup of something when I get to work, one in the afternoon and maybe one in the evening after dinner. 2/3 of these are normally tea; throw in a bit of chocolate here and there and were probably talking around 200-250mg of caffeine a day. While this isnt excessive, its on the high side (300mg is considered about the healthy maximum), and day in day out it creates something of a pattern; so once in a while I give myself a break. This normally happens when I undertake ... <drum roll> The Dreaded Detox Diet!

    I was introduced to this particular program several years ago. The list of Foods You Must Not Eat starts with: sugar, salt, animal meats, dairy, caffeine. Im no junk food junkie but its fair to say Id consume those each day - and with some enjoyment too. By comparison, the allowed foods include a host of vegetables, sprouts, legumes, seeds and a few questionable things Id never heard of (may I have some tamari please?). Throw in the customary cleansing tablets and I was set.

    First morning - warm water with a bit of lemon juice to start the day. Yum.  :P Shortly followed by a glass of everyones favourite breakfast beverage, V8 Vegetable Juice (now I know what happens to the stuff you rinse out of a used tomato sauce bottle :). Then into the organic muesli with soy milk. Mid morning its fresh fruit, no problems there. Lunch is salad sandwiches bursting with avocado, alfalfa, bean sprouts and soursobs (apparently theyre called snowpeas but they dont look like snow or peas to me), all good but after five days of the same... More fruit mid afternoon (wheres my coffee...) and various combinations of vegetables and brown rice for dinner or one of the recipes they supply. The best one I found was Gardeners Pie - about every vegie under the sun goes into it, and at the end they have the cheek to suggest serve with a side salad or vegetables. Ill remember that. You cant eat for 2 hours before going to bed (there goes supper) but you are allowed popcorn! If its cooked with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkled only with sea salt. I suddenly found I really liked popcorn.

    The first couple of days I always feel pretty average. Most of this is probably caffeine withdrawal but headaches and general lethargy set in, driving me to a couple of early nights. Beyond that things started to improve; by day 5 I was feeling pretty well normal again and not feeling so anti the salad sprout sandwiches and vegies and brown rice for dinner.

    Today is the day after the week before and I feel pretty good - fresh, alert, sharp, and all with no caffeine (in fact I feel more alert than when I was drinking tea and coffee). No dragging days waiting for the next coffee break. Its hard to know whether its the diet itself or the fact its side-effects send me to bed early several times but theres no denying the feeling.

    The goal now is to try to keep up a good portion of these healthy habits and minimise the caffeine intake otherwise its really a waste of time. Having said that, Im sure looking forward to my Saturday morning coffee! ;D

    P.S. The diet in question is at this link if youre interested to know more (since we dont have any health food sponsors I reckon this should be safe but mods feel free to strip it out if you dont like it). I dont have any connection with this mob other than having used their product.

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    Re: A Week Without Coffee (or tea)

    Boy, the air would be PURPLE after that diet!

    Well done, Greg, I wish I could achieve something like this but, with a grown-up kid and two young kids in the house with me, I need the caffeine to keep up!



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      Re: A Week Without Coffee (or tea)

      I had a go at this type of thing - I took the plunge and rid myself of caffeine for a month.

      I basically switched my caffeine intake for paracetamol intake for the first couple of weeks.
      Im sure the detox did me some kind of good - Im just not convinced the withdrawal did


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        Re: A Week Without Coffee (or tea)

        Yeah its hard work for my wife cooking two lots of meals as well as keeping up with young kids, thats one reason I only did it for the 7 days. Caffeine withdrawal sure isnt a real pleasant thing - I always intend to wean myself off it in the preceding week but somehow it never happens... ;D


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          Re: A Week Without Coffee (or tea)

          I fast every Easter which has very similar dietary restrictions.

          After my brain surgery I went without coffee for 3 months but cant say that the lack of caffeine or reintroduction, made any difference.


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            Re: A Week Without Coffee (or tea)

            When my wife and i started our diets back in January we went off the caffeine and had the usual withdrawl headaches for a few hours but we didnt really notice much difference.

            We introduced caffeine back after 3 months and didnt notice any difference either.

            So Im confused :-/


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              Re: A Week Without Coffee (or tea)

              Save yourselves some grief the only thing detoxed is your pocket. In depth research using every measuring device known to man (not quite) but did include a CT machine as well as numerous bloods taken at every stage, concluded NO traceable detox in any area of the body tested over a 4 week period. There was an increase in energy and wellness from simply cutting out the crap. Your body is the perfect detox machine given half a chance, but we tend to clog it up with too many chemicals and preservatives. What does detox (for want of a better word), or more accurately allows it to do whats its designed to do is either taking those things out or at least minimising them all year round. Every DETOX product tested DID NOT DETOX anything it was the body on its own without the crap in it for the 4 week period that gave both test groups more energy and weight loss.
              So the bodys liver and kidneys are you detox epi-centers if you like and cannot be influenced or speed up by Detox supplements, even the test group that used veges and fruits etc to detox made no more progress than the group that only took out the junk.

              27 years in the industry


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                Re: A Week Without Coffee (or tea)

                Ive done the 15 day version of this product numerous times, always as prep for a yoga intensive or retreat. While I have never personally bought into the marketing of the detox itself, I have always found the discipline and focus on what is going into my body prepares me well for such activities.

                I have to say though, Ive not found the food to be all that repetitive. I have never really paid any attention to the supplied dietary instructions, sticking basically to a vegan, organic, wholefood diet while taking the product. I find that a diet full of tofu, tempeh, loads of different vegies and supplemented with seeds, nuts and fruits works very well for me. I also do my best to cut down caffeine intake in the fortnight leading up to a complete cut of all caffeine.

                I know a lot of people report all sorts of side effects when using this sort of thing or following a diet regime like this. Personally, Ive never had any problems like that at all.

                Its been a while since Ive done this though and I could do with a yoga retreat, gonna have to look for one for the xmas holidays methinks.