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How much for green.....from the plantation

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  • How much for green.....from the plantation

    I recently had my first trip to a plantation outside Aus, and while it was informative and interesting, I couldnt help feeling that the co-op was taking advantage of the over 500 farms that are relying on it for income.

    Seems that 1 person was lining pockets.
    My question is
    What price is harvested, pulped, dried but not yet hulled coffee worth on a per kilo basis, in AUD?

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    Re: How much for green.....from the plantation

    Depends? it is yet to be sized and graded so its really only worth what youll pay for it as it could be a lucky dip?

    Wombah coffee plantatio sell for $10 per kilo to general public. But thats graded and polished.


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      Re: How much for green.....from the plantation

      Thanks Luke

      The farmers I was talking to were being paid about $2 per kilo if it is of a good standard. After talking to a few others in the industry I believe this to be about the going rate (depending on the quality of course).

      The Co-op was then hulling, grading, roasting (not very well mind you) and selling brown beans for about $37/kg. Was very much against me getting some grean to try at home too.

      Seems that someone has a monopoly on the trade and has trouble letting go.

      Did give me more respect for a QUALITY coffee. made me realise just what my $4 is buying. Great Value if its good, but made me even more dissapointed it its bad.