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    Hi all,

    I just wanted to get a general rule on ceramic sizes for particular coffees as I really want to get away from the "1 size fits all" cup ;D
    - 220ml latte glass for lattes
    - 170ml ceramic for cappuccinos (ACF) - would you go any bigger than this? What if you didnt want to use the Tulip? Is there a rounded ceramic in this size?
    - What about flat whites? Would you use a 190ml ceramic?
    - Is there a recommended espresso size so the shot doesnt look lost?   Would this be 70mls?
    -Now I dont want to open a can of worms but what about long macs? I can see there is two schools of thought here with some cafes using glasses and others using ceramics - if ceramics which size would you recommend?

    Hope this makes sense!!

    Thanks for the help  

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    Re: Ceramics & Glasses

    Welcome Jade

    Theres no hard rules, only etiquette. It depends on your tastes.

    I have 4 cup types that I use:

    - Duralex Picardie 220ml latte glasses - for lattes strangely enough

    - ACF Cappuccino 190 ml - these are more bowl than tulip shaped so may be what you are after. Good and chunky and hold the heat.

    - ACF Cappuccino 160ml (white and gold) - more tulip shaped

    - ACF Espresso 70ml tulips for espressos

    plus for everyday, I have an ex-Vinnies pair of Royal Doulton Africa series cups - about 200ml - that I find are good (especially at 50c each ). Once again thick and hold the heat well.

    I have the odd double-walled glass ones (basically survivors) but I favour the Duralex or ceramics. I also have a set of 4 ceramic 220ml latte style cups (ex-Woolies) that I use for the occasional chai latte.

    I wouldnt worry about using a special cup for flat whites. Use a latte glass or a ceramic cup.

    Psychological or not, I find I enjoy my ceramics more than the glass.

    FWIW, Ive bought most of my cups from Jetblack but other sponsors stock them.


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      Re: Ceramics & Glasses

      Hi Jade,

      These are our rules

      Espresso - 70ml ceramic
      Macchiato & long macchiato - 90ml glass
      Piccolo latte - 90ml glass
      Flat white, cappuccino & long black - 160ml ceramic
      Latte - 220ml glass

      For the glasses we use duralex picardie.

      We used to use the 190ml ceramic cups for cappuccino but found that a single shot in this size was too weak. What makes a cappuccino different to a flat white is the amount of foam rather than the size of cup.

      Hope that helps!!


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        Re: Ceramics & Glasses

        Originally posted by 09222726430 link=1255044832/0#0 date=1255044832
        I really want to get away from the "1 size fits all" cup
        Whats wrong with my cups?


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          Re: Ceramics & Glasses

          This is a science all on its own. Its interesting to note the different approaches from cafes. Some use 220ml cups for whites and others use 190ml ones. I dont drink whites myself but have been making my whites in Maxwell & Williams 220ml cups. I was grilling my son about his last Cappucino and he admitted that it was very bland. Just what youd expect from a single shot and about 150ml of milk plus some foam. I will move to a smaller cup for Flat Whites and Cappucinos (unless guests like their whites very weak)
          I had a long black (single shot) in a cafe last week and was impressed to have it served in a 160ml cup which was not filled to the top.
          This thread has me thinking about quantities for different coffees.


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            Re: Ceramics & Glasses

            Thanks everyone for your comments!

            Yes I guess etiquette was where I was going with this thread - in particular for a cafe environment and keeping in mind how the flavour profile can change with the size of cup used.

            Whats wrong with my cups?
            ...going to plead ignorance - what are your cups?


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              Re: Ceramics & Glasses

              Just picked up some great ACF cups from Coffee-A-Roma. Such a great selection and service. Cups are just wonderful! Thanks....