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  • GFC

    Now that the Aussie dollar is headed to parity (and beyond) with the USD, can we expect better/cheaper pricing on new gear??

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    Re: GFC

    Id be looking to the Italian exchange rate


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      Re: GFC

      Hard to say, many big importers hedge their finances into the future to lock in exchange rates. This allows them to set some prices and have some sort of business model.

      Smaller ones may not hedge as long or at all. Many (some) also take "advantage" by putting some of the extra profit into the bank and when things go the other way (AUD falls) they can still pass on the same prices as before.

      Hopefully we will see some good prices on things, but it also depends how long the USD stays low, I reckon a few months of +.90 would allow some price advantages for us. Stock held and paid for already may need to be sold 1st, some may be able to be discounted if enough volume on the next purchase can increase margins?

      If you can import something yourself and pay in USD now would be the time to do it i reckon.

      Its also interesting for our exporters who might be getting paid in USD, when they convert it back to AUD their profits might be lower..... The WA miners for example might be not loving it?  But they also do massive hedging.

      Just ideas from my past life as a management accountant pushing big numbers around, not any real business experience.....

      euro / aud is getting a little better