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    hi guys, i just noticed something while visiting local cafe where i buy my beans from. i saw that the beans are stored in this storage dispenser which is not airtight. They are totally exposed to air. Although im prety sure they were roasted a day or two ago. My question is dont they go stale? or do whole beans stay fresh even if they are in open air?

    Im sorry im pretty new on the roasting topic but hopefully you guys can share some light on this. 8-)

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    Re: newbie here

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      Re: newbie here

      From my experiences working in a place like this...

      I would say that if they are from a reputable roaster that has a high turnover then yes they should be fresh.
      Chances are that they are put in the hoppers before they have degassed so they will be ok in open air for a few days.

      Things to look out for in places like these are unclean coffee hoppers(eg old coffee oils on the glass)and anything with the word "special" on it that is stored in open air.

      If you have any reservations about its freshness ask to sample a couple of beans... either eat them as they are or crack them in between your fingers and smell them instantly...they should smell aromatic and fresh...if not, and they barely smell at all then NO DEAL! lol

      The only other thing i could suggest is to buy the most popular bean or blend they sell or ask if they sell a lot of turkish coffee(braziliian minas for eg) ...chances are that its fresh apposed to obscure single origins that sometimes scare people away from them leading them to go stale.


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        Re: newbie here

        It can also depend on the air circulation.

        Some coffee dispensers are fairly sealed at the top, and as the beans degas, the container fills with CO2 while the beans are dispensed from the bottom. This is radically different (IMO) than a large container open at the top with the beans scooped or poured out.

        Of course the taste is the ultimate test.