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  • Cupping in Sydney

    Hi all,

    Ive been looking around to see if theres anywhere in Sydney that offers an introduction to cupping. It seems like some roasters do have this for customers to attend in different cities / countries, however none that I can find locally.

    I know there are the full on roasting/cupping courses around, however Im nowhere near that stage yet - Im just looking for a relaxed environment where someone is willing to explain the process, flavours etc. Im sure you know what I mean, Ive read a lot and roast a lot of different beans, however Im wondering if my floral is the same as a professional floral.

    If anyone is aware of where this is happening please pass the details on, Id love to get involved.


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    Re: Cupping in Sydney

    Hi Matthew, I know that Di Bartoli have an Introduction to Cupping in their courses. Youll get to learn from one of Australias best roasters, fellow member and all round awesome person HD. Ive attended and would recommend it.