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Permits, legals and other assorted hoops to jump through

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  • Permits, legals and other assorted hoops to jump through

    Hi all,

    Im hoping you will be able to provide some words from wise regarding what you had to go through when you started up your roasting.

    Im planning on taking my home roasting enthusiasm to the next level in the not-to-distant future and want to ensure that I dont overlook any permit or regulation that could come back to bite down the track. So you know the size of operation Im thinking about, Im tossing up between a 5 or 7 kg roaster, no more than that.

    What Id really appreciate from all roasters out there is for you to think back to when you started out, back to when you were just shopping for your shiny new roaster and you thought you were ready to go - were there any surprises you faces that came as a surprise, any obstacle you faced that you didnt know existed?

    Ive done a search on and have a good understanding of which licences Ill need to get, spoken to the local council and they have no issue (as long as people dont complain about noise or smell), and I now think Ive got an understanding of whats needed... but there must be something Ive missed...

    What did you miss? What did you find surprisingly difficult to get through to get going? What do you suggest me keeping in mind or looking into?

    Thanks for your time and advise in advance, its really great!


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    Re: Permits, legals and other assorted hoops to jump through


    One aspect that councils will consider for any home business is the amount of deliveries and times. How will you get green beans delivered or roasted beans shipped out? If you have frequent delivery vans or a truck coming then they will probably say no to your business if it is in a zoned residential area.

    Also if you do well and build up a customer base delivering roasted beans to cafes or selling roasted beans via the internet what happens when one neighbour complains to council? - cause you didnt give em their free beans :-) If council then says stop trading how long will it take to setup somewhere else and will your previous customers return after that interval?

    I think a roasting business run from a residential area could be profitable when you dont have the overheads of a rented site in a more appropriately zoned area but you need to consider if your business would be viable if you have to use a proper site.

    PS. Get all decisions & permissions from council in writing.

    Best wishes anyhow :-)



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      Re: Permits, legals and other assorted hoops to jump through

      Venting of fumes can be an issue for some... Ya neighbours are not just those next door.