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  • Coffee in Singapore 1

    Before visiting Singapore last year I searched Coffeesnobs for any recommendations for coffee shops. I tried a few and a couple found by myself but this is the only one I would recommend. So I have a few photos.

    Now this the first time I have uploaded photos to this forum so go easy on me if I stuff up. Also I have taken the admonition to only put five photos on each message so I have made two messages.

    [img]/Users/petersealy/Desktop/untitled folder/IMG_4353.JPG[/img]

    This is the shop. It is a bit out of the way and nowhere near the usual tourist routes. <>

    [img]/Users/petersealy/Desktop/untitled folder/IMG_4356.JPG[/img]

    Coffee menu and prices. Reasonable for Singapore but may have changed by now.

    [img]/Users/petersealy/Desktop/untitled folder/IMG_4361.JPG[/img]

    One view of their Training Room.

    [img]/Users/petersealy/Desktop/untitled folder/IMG_4362.JPG[/img]

    Another view of the Training Room.

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    Singapore Coffee 2

    [img]/Users/petersealy/Desktop/untitled folder/IMG_4363.JPG[/img]

    Another view of the Training Room. It was too large for my poor photographic skills to do anything other than take several shots.

    [img]/Users/petersealy/Desktop/untitled folder/IMG_4365.JPG[/img]

    When I looked at this roaster I thought it was quite new as it was all shiny and polished. But was then informed that it was not new [I know nothing about roasters] but the owners kept it clean and polished.

    [img]/Users/petersealy/Desktop/untitled folder/IMG_4368.JPG[/img]

    Shop interior.


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      Re: Coffee in Singapore 1

      Second try. If this doesnt work Ill give up and go and have a cup of cappuccino.


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        Re: Singapore Coffee 2


        I shall try to do better next time. [100 times on blackboard]