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Thanks to 2mcm and the Coffee Snobs board

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  • Thanks to 2mcm and the Coffee Snobs board

    Just want to thank Chris (2mcm) and the rest of the people here for helping me with the purchase and knowledge use my latest toy. Chris has been a great help and I have appreciated his willingness to share his knowledge and ideas.
    The site is a great source of information and we shouldnt take it for granted. Thanks Andy.

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    Re: Thanks to 2mcm and the Coffee Snobs board

    My pleasure Andrew....CS is a wonderful melting pot of experience and ideas..

    Enjoy the ride!



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      Re: Thanks to 2mcm and the Coffee Snobs board

      Hi Andrew,

      The most appropriate way to offer thanks when one gets new equipment is usually to post a few drool-worthy photos of the new equipment. None of us can afford to buy every single machine that we would like to take for a spin, so its nice to purchase vicariously through others ;P




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        Re: Thanks to 2mcm and the Coffee Snobs board

        Id have to second Andrews kudos to 2mcm. Ive been thinking of starting a thread myself but this one seems suitably titled.

        Chris has been of much assistance to me during my own recent upgrades, and was more than happy to recommend a second-hand machine as better value for money than a new equivalent he could have sold me. He was also very helpful and patient with some minor grinder issues (which is probably operator error as much as anything else!)

        In the world of high-pressure salespeople, its great to find someone who actually seems interested in the customer being happy with what they get, not just whether they get the sale or not. Naturally when Im looking for something Chris sells, Talk Coffee will be my first stop; so in the long-term hell get the sale anyway but enjoys a great reputation in the meantime. I could not recommend his service highly enough.

        Keep up the good work!