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  • Stalking Renzo

    I met Renzo of Di Bartoli Coffee Centre yesterday.

    No not at the Centre as might be expected.
    I still havent ventured that far yet.

    I won a bottomless portafilter on an auction site the other day and in my invoice email they offered to give me the equivalent amount of beans to my delivery charge if i cared to pick it up.

    Not to knock more bang for my buck I sallied forth to Aroma Coffee at Mascot and met Gavin after he finished cupping some new blends.
    He has an array of different espresso machines and grinders on benches around the walls.
    Definitely a coffee snob in my opinion.

    Anyway, I had spotted the Di BArtoli van outside so I asked a gentleman who looked like he was about to leave if that was his vehicle and if so who was he.
    Well he turned out to be Renzo!.

    So I introduced myself and either he recognised me or was very polite. ;D

    Then he rushed off and left GAvin to get me my portafilter.

    Before he let me go, Gavin gave me a tour of the roastery.
    He has a massive (45kg) old roaster (1955) and a few green beans to play with.

    After thanking GAvin I headed home to try my new toy but had a thought on the way.

    Hazels place isnt far off the way home so I popped in to show off my portafilter, as she has been urging me to get one.

    As I pulled up outside Hazels I noticed a Di Bartoli van.
    So as soon as Hazel opened the door I burst in and asked Renzo if he was following me before he could open his mouth. ;D

    That only stunned him for a moment before he accused me of stalking him.  

    The 3 of us had a longer chat then before he had to continue his rounds.

    Hazel then made me us coffee and steamed some milk to give me some art pouring practise.
    Needless to say her rosetta looked pretty good as usual and mine looked more like a ............ mess.  

    Never mind. More practise I suppose.

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    Re: Stalking Renzo

    Nice story TG.

    Sounds like you had a great day.


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      Re: Stalking Renzo


      And tomorrow I may trot off to Bondi Junction to stalk him some more finally make that promised visit.


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        Re: Stalking Renzo


        You may like to bring your camera along to capture that historical moment...

        Beware, no treats besides coffee are served on the premises...



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          Re: Stalking Renzo

          The camera stayed snugly in its case.
          I prefer to stay on the viewfinder side so played safe and left it at home.

          I just got back from a pleasant meeting with Renzo (the stalkee) and the lovely Ofra.

          The temperature outside was 35C and the aircon in my car is almost useless.
          After a long drive across Sydney from the inner western suburbs to the eastern ones, the cool oasis that is Di Bartoli Coffee Centre was a relief.

          Renzo made me a coffee and we chatted about all and sundry, in between customers popping in for a quick coffee or to purchase some beans.

          All too soon my time was up and I bade Ofra goodbye and waved to Renzo who was now serving more customers and busily extolling the virtues of the many pretty espresso machines proudly displayed around the premises.


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            Re: Stalking Renzo

            Originally posted by Di Bartoli link=1164837520/0#3 date=1164846845

            You may like to bring your camera along to capture that historical moment...

            Or is that hysterical ;D