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My report on the 2010 SCAA Exhibition

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  • My report on the 2010 SCAA Exhibition

    I have a chapter on my website (On the left-hand, blog side, Chapter 110) which is my report on the SCAA 2010 Exhibition. While I spent a goodly amount of time working the Hottop booth, I did get enough hours walking the floor to get a good look around. This year I made a point of looking specifically for things that might interest the home consumer, and I think I found a few. Additionally, watch the "Review" section on the right side as I will be posting some interesting, detailed reviews of various items (one is already up, ready to read).

    BTW- I make nothing from the sale of any of the items mentioned nor from the sale of Hottop Roasters.

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    Re: My report on the 2010 SCAA Exhibition

    Interesting couple of Espresso machines and a good report too 8-)

    After seeing the pics of the Proaster on Javaphiles set I found a little info on Proaster and their range on the net 3.2Mb PDF here

    Companies website is here