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  • Morgan Consumer Poll

    Just completed the Morgan National Consumer Poll - all 122 pages of it!

    There is over half a page devoted to coffee..... first theres the non decaf instant, then decaf instant finally fresh coffee... Ah getting warm..... :-/

    But the fresh coffee is Moccona, Vittoria etc... and you can buy it weekly, monthly. Less often than monthly???? Hey wait a minute- this is supposed to be fresh coffee - thats what the heading says

    Where do I put in the real stuff... Home roasted BeanBay!!! Guess it has to be "other"!!!

    And boy will they ever be puzzled when they see the number of cups consumed - and the quantities on the milk page will have them amused as well no doubt.

    They will probably think Im running a small cafe from home----- well - maybe.... mmmmm

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    Re: Morgan Consumer Poll

    Unfortunately polls are rarely constructed to include anyone outside of that middle 60% of the bell curve that the vast majority of retailers limit their servicing too.

    Java "Proud not to be in that 60%" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Re: Morgan Consumer Poll

      I recently did an online poll and had the same problem. The other button was getting a workout.



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        Re: Morgan Consumer Poll

        I think you should right to Morgan and point out the "Process Improvement Opportunity".