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  • Read this over your morning cuppa

    Yes, another study to ponder over until the next one comes along. I dont agree about the illusion part. For me, it is also about personal satisfaction in the process from bean to cup as well as the outcome. And they admit it is a lift from the effects of caffeine withdrawal. I agree about getting out of the office is a good excuse for getting a coffee.

    Anyway, judge for yourselves. BTW, if you open the link or go to the article on the Brisbane Times, you can add your own comments

    Spilling the beans on coffee illusion

    Coffee lovers who think they need a morning cuppa or two to kick-start their day may be deluding themselves, a new study suggests.

    UK-based scientists say the feeling of alertness that regular coffee drinkers gain from each caffeine hit is largely "an illusion".

    Their research, involving nearly 400 people, shows the sensation is merely the reversal of the fatiguing effects of caffeine withdrawal.

    Regular drinkers who crave caffeine in the morning simply return to normal levels of alertness by having coffee, according to the study published in a science journal overnight.

    Coffee Club director John Lazarou said the findings were sure to be controversial among Brisbanes coffee drinkers. Mr Lazarou said he always started his day with a short black.

    "For me, that gives me a kick-start," he said. "Ive got a pretty good imagination but I dont think Im imagining thats giving me a kick-start."

    Mr Lazarou said he wouldnt be the only one who felt that way.

    "The amount of takeaway coffees we do in the mornings surpasses the rest of the day, and thats simply because everyone wants their morning cup of coffee," he said.

    Campos Coffee director John Ronchi, whose company has a cafe at Fortitude Valley and wholesales to about 40 outlets in Brisbane, said he was surprised by the study results.

    "Theres no denying theres caffeine in coffee and that contributes to peoples alertness, but its an interesting theory," he said.

    "If you have a late night, whether you drink coffee or not you still feel pretty rough in the morning."

    Mr Ronchi said people could get a hit from other sources of caffeine, such as energy drinks, but they contained lots of sugar, and people were attracted to the social element of coffee drinking.

    He said many city workers stopped off at cafes as part of their morning rituals, either on their way to their office or soon after arriving there.

    "Once you get to work you have an excuse to get out again to get a coffee or have a meeting [in a cafe]," he said.

    The study, headed by Peter Rogers of the University of Bristol, investigated the effect of coffee drinking on anxiety, alertness and headache of regular drinkers and of those who rarely or never drank coffee.

    Participants were banned from drinking coffee overnight and were either given 100 milligrams of caffeine, followed by another 150mg dose an hour and a half later, or placebos on both occasions.

    Mr Ronchi said a typical espresso contained up to 80mg of caffeine, whereas a cup of filtered coffee contained nearly 150mg.

    Regular drinkers avoided the effects of headache and lowered alertness once they were given caffeine, but their alertness was the same as that of the non-coffee drinkers who received the placebo.

    Researchers said the results confirmed previous studies on the effect of caffeine withdrawal.

    The findings were published in the journal Neuropsychopharmacology.


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    Re: Read this over your morning cuppa

    This upsets me greatly... mainly because Ive clearly missed out on receiving a whole lot of research funding. For years Ive told people that I dont caffeinate, but that I re-caffeinate. Being caffeinated is my usual state of being & having a coffee brings me back up to that level.


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      Re: Read this over your morning cuppa

      More marketing research under the cover of a topic heading that was composed to get peoples attention.

      And to further add names to teh data base for Coffee spam...

      Now... Is this Coffee number 5 or 6 for the day....


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        Re: Read this over your morning cuppa

        The study misses the point completely, that people may actually drink coffee because it tastes good.


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          Re: Read this over your morning cuppa

          Originally posted by 0C32353E04343D042F333E04193E3A355B0 link=1275533781/3#3 date=1275535620
          The study misses the point completely, that people may actually drink coffee because it tastes good.
          Some do but theres also a lot of not so good coffee being consumed.


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            Re: Read this over your morning cuppa

            You are both correct, nunu and TG. Most people drink it for enjoyment, and taste is relative.

            Dsfgh, if you can say "Neuropsychopharmacology" three times quickly, you might qualify for some funding next time. But you might need to approach a neuropsychopharmacologist with expressions of interest.


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              Re: Read this over your morning cuppa

              It seems that calling it an illusion is mis-interpreting the research, which states the opposite (that caffeine is not an illusion and that it does have a very real effect on alertness).


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                Re: Read this over your morning cuppa

                Typical news filler bit, use study X interperated by Journo Y selectively to get the desired result Z. Typical PAP

                Going back for a 3rd coffee for the day because I like it and I know it helps me


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                  Re: Read this over your morning cuppa

                  Looks like this is old news or maybe the researcher has already made up his mind.

                  In an interview in Jan 2007 Peter Rogers said "What caffeine is doing is blocking adenosine receptors; cell surface receptors on cells in our brain and other organs in our body. Those cells receptor are normally activated by adenosine thats produced by the body. Adenosine levels are actually increased during wakefulness and decreased during sleep. By blocking the effects of adenosine at those receptors, caffeine is keeping us stimulated and awake. An important issue is that with regular consumption of caffeine, that system adjusts itself. That system becomes more sensitive to the effects of endogenous adenosine, and weve shown in our experiments, that with regular consumption were not actually getting a net benefit for our alertness and mood from consuming caffeine because of this readjustment of physiology."

                  Also in the study (not clinical trial) moderately high caffeine drinkers (what is moderately high?) were not allowed to take caffeine for 16 hours then some were allowed 100mg of caffeine followed by 150mg of caffeine 90 mins later the others got a placebo.
                  They then were asked how they felt. The ones that got the caffeine felt normal the ones that got the placebo felt less alert then normal..... well der!


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                    Re: Read this over your morning cuppa

                    Its all about "Publish or Perish", no journals = no funding 8-)