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Rebbit enviro bags / kraft bags in general

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  • Rebbit enviro bags / kraft bags in general

    Hi all,

    Im looking into using Detpaks Rebbit range due to their environmentally friendly nature. For anyone interested more info on them can be found here

    The reason Im thinking about using these bags are only for their enviro credits - I did have totally different packaging in mind however once I thought about all the waste and resources going into plastic bags that have such a short lifespan, ethically I cant go past these. Below are a few of the claimed benefits:

    100% compostable in commercial composting facilities.
    Made with board sourced purely from managed plantation forests – meaning no old growth forests are used.
    Bio-film lining offers a fully compostable alternative to standard Retail Bags.
    Can be heat-sealed to keep your product fresher for longer.
    Easy re-sealing with the tin-tie option.

    As I said, my first choice were nice looking matt black quad gusset foil lined plastic bags, but thats all shot now and its between the rebbit range and the foil lined kraft bags available @

    These ones are not as good as the rebbit ones as far as out beautiful planet goes, because theyre not compostable due to the foil lining, but the paper option is still better than plastic outer bags, in my opinion.

    To bring it back, theyre the two last contenders (currently) in my search for bags, and Im wondering if anyones using either of these, especially rebbit bags, and what are the thoughts. Rebbit have no valve and will obviously need to be transported into an air-proof container asap by the customer, the foil lined kraft bags have valves and will keep coffee fresher for much longer.

    If anyone out there has experience with either of these bags Id really appreciate it. If anyone has gone through this thought process and moved onto another product, of any sort, please also let me know, Id love to hear your reasoning.


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    Re: Rebbit enviro bags / kraft bags in general

    Also check out BioPak (Sydney), great range of compostable cups and lids, loads of other items too.