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Review: Your Reusable Takeaway Cups

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  • Review: Your Reusable Takeaway Cups

    I have spent a bit of time looking into non disposable cups for selling takeaway coffees in. I know a fair percentage of CSs also use them to take a coffee on the way to work but there is no single thread as such with what is currently available.

    There are a couple of Melbourne based producers in Keep Cup and more recently Hookturn Industries.

    Add your own below chat etc good bad and the ugly ones to avoid etc.

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    Re: Review: Your Reusable Takeaway Cups

    Hookturn Industries

    Available in 8 and 12 Oz (230 & 340ml) circa $11 and $16 currently
    Material Food Grade Silicon Cup and Lid (can be recycled if required)

    I have had mine in use for a little over a week and it works a treat, fits the cup holders in the car and due to being slightly non rigid it fits the drink holder on the pushbike really snugly. The 8oz goes under the Pavoni PF making it shorter than most paper T/away cups. Heat retention seems really good due to the thick walled silicon especially when pre heated.

    Internal finish shiny close grained and washes very easily. Can be placed in the dishwasher. At this time zero evidence of any residual odours left after washing unlike some others.

    Tough Rugged and will bounce when dropped


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      Re: Review: Your Reusable Takeaway Cups

      A couple of other recent threads on Takeaways

      Mainly about the keep cup

      Little different one


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        Re: Review: Your Reusable Takeaway Cups

        There is also a Bodum Double Wall Travel Mug 350ml

        I am not sure if its a complete seal type as the Cuisipro Click-n-Sip Travel Mug