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Coffee the new Wine?

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  • Coffee the new Wine?

    Good article re: coffee taking its place amongst the world of connoisseurs.
    stumbled across this thanks to Twitter and Em Oak.

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    Re: Coffee the new Wine?

    There is also and espresso theme in todays age that is of interest too.

    Some recipes with food and coffee matched, will actually go and buy a paper tonight ;D


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      Re: Coffee the new Wine?

      New wine? Hell no....Jason has hit the nail right on the head

      Her colleague Jason Scheltus says coffee will never replace wine because wine goes better with food and works better in social situations.


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        Re: Coffee the new Wine?

        Originally posted by 6547415A5D5741320 link=1289867782/2#2 date=1290067485
        New wine? Hell no....Jason has hit the nail right on the head
        I think to some extent wine has become far too "commodotised", in Australia at least. I think the glut of good quality cheap wine has made a lot of people reluctant to spend money and get a good bottle now that prices are up a bit again. Also, I think the beer culture we have means that people drink whatever they want rather than sit around and get snobby about being able to taste asparagus and freshly mown grass.

        Coffee, however, is something one can have any time, and the amount of espresso sold in Australia in the last few years has skyrocketed. Partly because people lead busy lives and need more takeaway, but largely because people see it as a quality product they can have any time, and share.

        This is evident at my work, where instead of taking potential customers out for lunch and boozing, more and more its taking them out for coffee, sharing cakes etc - and its not just because its cheaper - more because thats something customers seem to enjoy more, and relax more around.


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          Re: Coffee the new Wine?

          New-fangled siphon technology?
          Speciality coffee in pods?
          Woah! :


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            Re: Coffee the new Wine?

            I hope not!
            Its ridiculous to think like that because the best coffees are ALWAYS a blend of more single origin


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              Re: Coffee the new Wine?

              Originally posted by 656F6769727369060 link=1289867782/5#5 date=1298286608
              the best coffees are ALWAYS a blend of more single origin
              Whoa there! I dont want to say youre wrong.

              But youre wrong

              The best coffee is the one that you like. In some cases, you might think that is a blend. In other cases, that might not be.


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                Re: Coffee the new Wine?

                Might be because coffee is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant.You will get more work done faster on espressos than jugs or bottles?


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                  Re: Coffee the new Wine?

                  if it means that someone who pays attention to detail can add value with slick marketing perhaps it does.

                  Personally while my experience with coffee is modest I would be shocked of there is the range of flavors that is in the wine industry.

                  But until the coffee industry can come up with a coffee that will reliably make the wife frisky I dont think the wine-makers will be feeling threatened.


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                    Re: Coffee the new Wine?

                    Originally posted by 5B505160515E564D513F0 link=1289867782/8#8 date=1298383596
                    I would be shocked of there is the range of flavors that is in the wine industry.
                    While Adelaide is improving quickly get to Melbourne or some of the places in Sydney to experience some really different beans. Mail order is always an option too. And in particular try some of them as brewed coffees.

                    Also a wine lover too 8-)


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                      Re: Coffee the new Wine?

                      I look at it this way.

                      Coffee can be the new wine.
                      First of all, when we describe wine, we discuss about the front, mid and back palate.
                      Theres also the pepperiness, the savouriness, the sweetness.
                      Theres even discussions about body, the brightness, the length, structure.
                      A wine lover can discern origins of wine. They will know with their trained palates whether a shiraz comes from the Coonawarra area, or if a sauvignon blanc comes from the Marlborough area of NZ due to the character the grape revealed.

                      Being in the restaurant industry i come across discussions about wines and their characters on a weekly basis, and i have learnt from that and thus developed a palate trained for it.

                      The same discussions about cupping coffee applies to Coffeesnobs and coffee lovers out there which carries a similar language to wine.

                      We talk about the brightness of Costa Rican, the fruitiness of Africans and the earthiness of Indonesians just to name a few.
                      To a very experienced palate, they can pinpoint the origins within the origin of the coffee bean. For example, they can decipher between a Kona Ke and a Waghi and in some cases trace down to that co operative.

                      We have a way to go when it comes to coffee appreciation. A lot of us still see coffee as a way of getting through a hazy morning, a source of stimulation. Sure, we show preferences for certain brands and certain characters in coffee beans, but either we are afraid of speaking out for fear of not knowing how to use the language to describe or, lack the will to be open about it.

                      Yes, certainly a lot of people drink wines to get drunk or for the sake of a drink with food, but the ratio of people appreciating wine for its characters and the language used is still far greater than the discerning and appreciation of coffee amongst coffee drinkers.

                      Perhaps given time, we can narrow that gap and create more awareness and education about the humble coffee bean and its many complexities.

                      Heres to more coffee education and appreciation.

                      Gary at G


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                        Re: Coffee the new Wine?

                        Have you been to one of these coffee diners - theyre a very hit and miss affair in terns of flavours hitting the mark

                        I think filter and syphon come close to depicting the complexity of coffee as a wine-like beverage but its still a very fledgling industry and i get the feeling that were still largely fumbling in the dark when it comes to getting the most complexity out of coffee

                        Still an excellent fllter coffee can have wonderful depth and should be a joy to behold - and something to muse over if not for hours - then at least for a very long time!