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# Auction won by Dennis $200 # -Instant Auction!

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  • # Auction won by Dennis $200 # -Instant Auction!

    Auction: Instant coffee

    Description: You are bidding on a genuine and valuable Coffee Snobs artefact that was in a home directly affected by the QLD floods!

    The item is a test tube containing home made, instant coffee and includes the certificate of authenticity.  Coffee2Di4 is the current custodian and has graciously offered to relinqush possession to the successful bidder.

    The coffee crystals contained in the glass tube were originally brought to auction on CS in 2008, and thanks to additional prizes donated by other Sponsors, $875 was raised for Faircrack.

    The crystals have solidified over the past couple of years though the item remains intact.  

    You can read more about the history at:

    Ends: Wednesday 26th Jan - 9pm (AEDT)[hr]
    100% of the auction proceeds will go to the QLD RSPCA.

    See Auction Rules

    Let the bidding begin - Postage is included!

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    Re: Instant Auction!



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      Re: Instant Auction!

      Buying back the secret formula Dennis ??? $120 I miss the litle tube.


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        Re: Instant Auction!

        I think there may have originally been 10gm of instant coffee in that test tube.

        Lets assume there still is.

        Whoever wins this may not have the best coffee in the World, but will certainly have the bragging rights to owning the most expensive coffee in the World.

        Ill raise my bid to $20,000.00 per kg.


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          Re: # Auction won by Dennis $200 # -Instant Auction!

          [movedhere] Queensland Flood Relief Auction [move by] Andy Freeman.


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            Re: # Auction won by Dennis $200 # -Instant Auction!

            [movedhere] Coffee Hardware For Sale [move by] Andy Freeman.