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Coffee stuff to buy in France

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  • Coffee stuff to buy in France

    Hi everyone

    Is there anything that is specific to France or maybe something that can not normally be purchased here that can be over there?

    My OHs parents are going to France and keep asking us if want anything to let them know.

    Oh and no it cant be a coffee machine ;D I did think about it though...

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    Re: Coffee stuff to buy in France

    I think the gotcha is that world is such a small place now, most anything you can think of in France you could buy and freight via a website.

    The real gems would be if you can get them to "scrounge" through some junk shops, second hand bazzars or even op-shop type places to find some old hand-me-down coffee items that no one has tried to pawn on ebay yet.

    They might even find an Atomic... but thats a discussion for another thread


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      Re: Coffee stuff to buy in France

      About the only thing I could think of would be another Syphon : As the vacuum Syphon and the Balancing Syphon came out of there originally they might get lucky at an antique shop. Their is a few French made syphons that look cool

      Apart from that as Andy mentions nothing much else you cant get posted these days.


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        Re: Coffee stuff to buy in France

        Thats what I figured as well, it was more about trying to stop them asking than actually having anything. The only thing I thought of was some really nice cups but I think the ones I really really want come from Italy anyway

        Thanks guys


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          Re: Coffee stuff to buy in France

          One thing I stopped myself from buying while over there, due to space and luggage weight constraints, were some tiny jars of different flavoured mustards.
          One I can remember was Beetroot Mustard.
          I spotted them in a petrol station during a rest stop by the tour bus.
          Ive never seen anything like that here.
          They had a dozen different flavours.