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  • Coffee Snobs Sydney get-together

    OK, Ive consulted the calendar, and if this is going to happen, it will have to happen NEXT SUNDAY, the 16th January.  

    The general idea will be that well congregate at my place sometime after lunch, hold a cupping* of some home roasted coffees, then have a roasting demo - Ill fire up the BBQ roaster, if possible we need someone to bring their heatgun setup (mine is currently out on loan), a popcorn popper, and any other roasting methods others may use - then we can do a roast or two and compare processes and notes.  I may even be tempted to make a few shots thru Giotto, and Ill open the bar to anyone else to give it a whirl and to show me their prowess on milk frothing and Latte art - Ill even supply the milk!

    For the cupping, Id like to try a couple of things.  Firstly, we should have a few different people roast the same SO bean to compare the results of different roasting methods and personal techniques.  Secondly, we should have a variety of SO beans and a blend or two, that people think is one of their more successfully roasted beans (one person per variety).  Ideally, all these will be roasted on Saturday, so they arent aged too significantly.  To start the ball rolling, Ill nominate my SO bean - Organic Dominican Soliman, which has been a standout SO bean over the past few months in my view.

    So if youre interested, let me know.  If you are able to bring some of your home roasted beans, let me know what youd like to bring. Also let me know what recent beans youve got for the roast comparison bean - I was thinking one of the Brazils might be a good choice.

    My email address is brett.pound (AT) (you know, get rid of the spaces and put a real @ sign in there) so email me as well as adding stuff here.


    * disclaimer. Ive not formally cupped coffee before, well just have to wing it.  Ive got a cupping form that Ill email to people who are coming along, different to the one on Coffee Geek.

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    Re: Coffee Snobs Sydney get-together

    Id love to come but Im afraid my arms would fall off if I tried to flap that far. ;D

    A coffee that Id recommend yall try is one Ive really been enjoying here lately, Columbia Mesa De Los Santos Organic. It makes a wonderful espresso and stands up to use in lattes and cappuccinos very well.

    Another one would be some Ethiopian Harrar Longberry. It makes a *wonderful espresso but is a bit too lightly flavored to stand up to use in milk drinks.

    Java "Sip, sipping away...." phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Re: Coffee Snobs Sydney get-together

      Oooh. Ive just done some Ethiopian Harrar(HURRAH!) and we are finding it quite passable in milk drinks.
      Weve been drinking Peru Grace Estate for the last 2 weeks and find it a noticibly different coffee, but still very nice.

      Poundy - love to come, but Im in Melbourne as you know. Anyway.. too confusing with 2 Bretts there.


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        Re: Coffee Snobs Sydney get-together

        I found the Harrar Longberry too lightly flavored to stand up in milk drinks unless it was taken a bit into 2nd crack (the first of the 2nd cracks were at 16-17 minutes in my set-up), stopping just before or as the roll gets going. At that point the beans had enough of a bite to stand out in a latte. However, it was from the roast and not the flavor of the beans. I found the beans flavor to be markedly less than in the lighter roasts with the most flavor being in the beans that were pulled about 2 minutes prior to the first sounds of the 2nd crack. These beans made a *wonderful straight espresso straight up with no sugar or anything. Of all the beans/roasts Ive done so far these made far and away the best straight espresso.

        Java "What shall I roast tonight" phile
        Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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          Re: Coffee Snobs Sydney get-together

          Ahh. Well, since I took it into rolling 2nd + 20 secs, it probably explains why I got a different flavour to what you were used to. I roast on a BBQ setup outside (no below zero temps where I live) and 2nd crack is around the same timing as yours.
          Its a wonderful problem to have isnt it? Why does my freshly roasted bean taste different to your freshly roasted bean. ;D


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            Re: Coffee Snobs Sydney get-together

            OK, Ive closed off the poll, doesnt look like theres too many takers. Can the other person who said yes please email me, we can sort out a time to meet.


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              Re: Coffee Snobs Sydney get-together

              BTW, this is ON...... unless theres RAIN, then it will be OFF as I have no undercover area !!!

              if anyone spots it late, PM me.  

              Sunday about 2pm.


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                Re: Coffee Snobs Sydney get-together

                Hi Guys,

                thanks Poundy for organizing and letting us messing around in the kitchen. We had a great time playing with the E-61 espresso machine and a crotchless PF. Of the 8 or 9 coffees people brought, we only had time to taste half. Well speed up the process next time.

                We had a look at a full "Nez du cafe" kit used to develop your sense of smell. Interesting.

                No roasting demo but plenty of advices to bring back home. I can almost feel the next roast will be better!

                BTW, whos got the pictures?



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                  Re: Coffee Snobs Sydney get-together

                  Appreciate you and yours taking the time to entain a few coffee crazies in your kitchen and living room.
                  Sorry that I could not stay for the full cupping session, next time.
                  Good to meet a few new faces.
                  Thanks again