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Peaberry, very berry weird?

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  • Peaberry, very berry weird?

    A month into the coffee journey and beans as follows:

    Di Bella : Modena
    Seven Seeds: Espresso Blend
    Di Bella : Cuba
    Mc Ivers : Ipanema Peaberry

    Pretty much I like the modena and Cuba right now as it gives a dark brown bitter crema and it blends in well with milk.

    Now Ive come to encounter these cute little peaberry which Ive never seen before.

    First I had a 50/50 with Cuba + Peaberry, that is pretty nice, I think the Cuba had more influence with the taste than peaberry did.

    Then just the peaberry alone, I choked the machine and wasted that basket

    It is difficult to gauge using the same scoop as the peaberry is different in size with regular beans. Then the grind size is again not dialed in, but it tasted ok.

    3rd attempt, grind size dialed in, proper overdosing and level (very much as close to what I did with the other beans)

    The peaberry tasted similar to Seven Seeds Espresso Blend, almost doesnt taste like coffee, doesnt give like modena or cuba kind of dark brown bitter crema.

    Is the taste generally affected by different roasting? Or the difference in beans itself affect more of it?

    Honestly Im not too diggin with the peaberry.... :-/

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    Re: Peaberry, very berry weird?

    Modena, Felici, Espresso Blend are all a blend of beans typically from different countries and farms to produce a unique coffee.

    The Cuba and the Ipanema Peaberry are from a single bag from a single country.

    Ipanema is a coffee mill, broker, distributor in Brazil that buy their coffee from a whole pile of local farmers. They process their coffee well but are really setup for commercial quantities so dont expect anything too amazing.

    Peaberry is a type of bean, normally a coffee bean has a flat side and round side. If you put two beans flatside together that is what the seed in a coffee cherry looks like.... on a small percentage of cherries only a single rounded bean is formed which is called a peaberry.

    Marketing and labeling from different roasters can get confusing and a bad result could be the roast profile they chose or the bean(s) they selected... or maybe you and they just have different tastes and brew methods.

    You will find something that suits you if you keep looking.

    Enjoy the journey!