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Bewieldered, confused and out of my depth!

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  • Bewieldered, confused and out of my depth!

    The title says it all. Im even sure this is NOT the right location for a post such as this!  Help!

    I like coffee.. not instant coffee, but simple percolated coffee. I saw this site and thiought I might be able to find tips and wrinkles for better coffee brews, but I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew!

    The site seems to be centred around Australasia- but i live in South East London, England. Is that a problem?

    Id like a road map for advancing my coffee brewing... many of the threads here seem to me to be talking in an alien language.. I clearly am out of my depth!  Whats the next basic step up from a sinmple percolater please?

    Finally, I am a bit worried that if I succumb to this site I will become a coffee onsessive.. and thats not good!  Is it??? 

    Example: I got a Breadmaker for Fathers Day in June this year.. quite a good model- the SD2500WXC
    Now in the past two months I have experimented with different wheat, yeasts etc, and am getting... well obsessive. To such an extent that my family, who just want me to bake some basic bread for a Saturday lunch, are becoming fristrated with my Quatermass-like experiments to produce Sourdough, maltloaf etc.

    I mentioned to them I joined Coffee Snobs, and the link between a freshly baked slice of bread and a freshly brewed coffee... and they just siad "Here we go again!!".

    So in conclusion, can I tiptoe in this area without being overwhelemed, trying to gulp it all down at once?  Whats ther next basic decisions I must make along the path of being a newbie Coffee Snob??  (Apart from finding the right forum where this shouold be posted Lol!)

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    Re: Bewieldered, confused and out of my depth!

    Firstly welcome to Coffee Snobs.

    Secondly, around here we use breadmakers to roast coffee.

    Originally posted by 75595A5F5802030303360 link=1312702382/0#0 date=1312702382
    he site seems to be centred around Australasia- but i live in South East London, England. Is that a problem?


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      Re: Bewieldered, confused and out of my depth!

      Hello Colin and welcome to CS!

      While CS is an Aussie site, the love of coffee is global, hence we have members from all corners of the World.

      I think the greatest favour you can do yourself to enable you to appreciate your coffee more, is to invest in a great grinder.  Use it, along with freshly roasted coffee, with your current brewing method and Im sure it will make a marked improvement.

      CS has a whole section dedicated to grinders and there are some great reviews included at:

      Enjoy the journey and keep us all updated with your coffee adventures!


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        Re: Bewieldered, confused and out of my depth!

        Welcome aboard and there is absolutely nothing wrong with being an obsessed Londoner.  I originally came from the East of London, on the edge of Ronnie and Reggies Manor.  Now I am an obsessed ex-Pom Coffee Snob.

        I actually went the same route with bread making after having some really good sourdough in San Francisco a few years back.  Even to the extent of making my own starter.  Then the great revelation occurred and in a blinding flash, I realized that bread makers were not for making bread as I had been led to believe but were actually designed for coffee roasting.

        Now I am well along the upgraditis road towards coffee nirvana.

        My only advice to you is to do as I did and develop a sudden deafness in the ear that is pointed towards any detractors and let your obsessions take control.

        All you have to do is keep reading this site...




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          Re: Bewieldered, confused and out of my depth!

          I started off as a youngster enjoying instant coffee powder with lashings of cold milk, ice cream and milo.

          Entering my adult life i bought a plunger and bought some freshly roasted coffee, but because i didnt have a grinder, i asked them to grind it for me, so i bought small quantities, and quite often.

          The key to enjoyable coffee whether you use a manual or espresso machine process, is to grind it yourself there and then, and to use fresh roasted coffee bought from a local roaster.

          Am sure in London you will be able to find one nearby.

          Keep the bread machine when you tire of bread making.
          Roasting your own coffee adds another dimension to your coffee enjoyment.
          We roast our own using popcorn makers, breadmakers and turbo ovens.

          Just take your time and get used to using this forum.
          Youre in the right place with helpful people. 

          I agree Greybeard. Breadmakers do a better job roasting coffee than making bread. For me anyway.

          Gary at G


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            Re: Bewieldered, confused and out of my depth!

            Im another reformed bread maker. Made my own for years. I love espresso but its expensive to get set up and maybe an aeropress and a decent grinder is the next step for you? If the grinder is good you can keep using it when you move to espresso.