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  • Barista Courses in Perth

    Hey! I have recently upgraded from an automatic coffee machine to a LaCimbali m21 Junior with a Mini Mazzer E grinder and am having plenty of fun with it (when i should probably instead be studying for upcoming exams :s). I am very new to the art of espresso making, however am very keen to learn as much as i can about it. So far i have been playing around with grind settings for a few different freshly roasted beans that i purchased locally, with mixed results. I know it takes a bit of practice to pull consistent shots, but i am determined to get there.

    I am thinking about taking a barista class somewhere in Perth, Western Australia. Has anybody here had any experience with an introductory course? Do you think they are worth the time? Any recommendations for courses that are being run in the Perth area?

    Thanks in advance,

    PS. I have only just registered here, and have found it to be a great resource! I think i can learn a lot from reading some of the threads here

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    Re: Barista Courses in Perth

    Hi and Welcome

    I am not sure if any of the WA sponsors do courses, send an email to all the sponsors at once (email at bottom of sponsor list on left) and ask them, the ones that can help will respond.

    I think its worthwhile doing a course, I learnt a fair bit doing mine (non sponsor) and already was informed prior through here and other sources etc, but I still found it very worth while and fun!



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      Re: Barista Courses in Perth

      Welcome to CoffeeSnobs Danago,
      you are in luck!

      Just yesterday Coffee School edited their sponsors post to mention the Perth coffee school.

      518 Murray St
      Ph: 08 9486 4771
      Fax: 02 8078 0677

      ...but if you followed Artmans directions you would have got the same result after emailing:


      Enjoy your journey to better coffee!


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        Re: Barista Courses in Perth

        hi and welcome to CS Danago,

        ive done two classes with Epic Espresso in West Perth / Subiaco area. the basic and latte art classes and theyre pretty good. as for the basic it teaches you about coffee in general, how to get good extraction for espresso (adjusting your grinder). and you get to play with two synessos

        latte art class is not really necessary but yeah its fun and you get good tips from them. 2-3 hours on the synessos and a whole bucket of milk wasted..

        do check them out. and also i believe there was a thread not so long ago that discussed this same topic. do a search


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          Re: Barista Courses in Perth

          Thanks for all of the replies guys, much appreciated I am hoping to sign up for a course within the next few weeks, or whenever my university schedule allows for it.

          I have been browsing the forum more and am really glad i came across this place; looks like a very friendly community with lots of reading material that i could (and probably will :P) spend hours going through!


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            Re: Barista Courses in Perth

            You can waste hours here Danago - especially reading back over all the gems!

            Welcome from another green CS.