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Barista Jam - Wagga Wagga

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  • Barista Jam - Wagga Wagga

    The commitee of the Great Barista Challenge 2012 is holding a series of Barista Jams in Wagga Wagga.

    The first Barista Jam  was held today at the "Trail Street Coffee Shop" - previously know as "Premium Coffee Roasters" in Wagga.

    In attendance today were representatives from several well known leading coffee establishments from the Wagga region -  also including representatives from the marketing and roasting fields.

    The Barista Jams are taking a rather informal approach at this stage.

    Entry is $15 and the spots limited to 8 competitors.

    The format is as follows:

    Each Jam to be no longer than 2 hours in duration.

    First hour to focus on basic technique - Second hour an informal competition based on Artwork , Taste and overall presentation.

    Each commpetitor is required to present their best effort - no time limits apply.

    We are doing this to gently ease local baristas into competition. We hope to get local baristas inspired to develop their skills through competition.

    The "Great Barista Challenge 2012" will be held in February 2012.

    We will be holding the next Barista Jam in February 2012 at "The Blessed Bean"-Specialty Coffee House located in Best ST in Wagga Wagga NSW.

    Infomation on this event to follow. For more information please PM either myself or motocoffee for further details.


    Grind IT

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    Re: Barista Jam - Wagga Wagga

    Was a fun day. Not very structured but its rare to get so many coffee enthusiasts in the one room and that really was the main focus for this trial. Had some great talks on technique and how an individuals technique directly impacts on the flavour of the coffee. Cant wait for the February jam!


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      Re: Barista Jam - Wagga Wagga

      Was great to catch up with so many coffee enthusiasts.

      A lot of fun was had and it was good to collaborate with each other. My hope that this develops into a regular occurance where we can take this regions coffee to an exciting new level.

      Was a little bit disappointed that no one poured a "SARLACC" for their coffee art.

      *The Mighty Sarlacc - the creature in the Pitt of Carkoon in the Dune Sea - Return of the Jedi - that nearly gobbles Han Solo and Lando Calrusian.



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        Re: Barista Jam - Wagga Wagga

        This is the best idea! I wish that someone would set up Barista Jams in Perth. There is always footage on youtube of the Canberra Barista Jams, and they always seem to go off!