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Coffee Ice Cream recipe

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  • Coffee Ice Cream recipe

    Ive been thinking about making a coffee ice cream, and Ive done a search on CS but there doesnt seem to be much about it. All I found was a post by Andy in 2005 about a Espresso/Coconut semi-fredo (

    Not that Ive tried it yet, but it seems to have come up in a lot of iced coffee threads that a cold brewed coffee provides a better base for an iced coffee, and I imagine that the same would hold true for an ice cream.

    Ive thrown together a recipe based on David Lebovitzs vanilla bean ice cream that Ive made a few times with great success.

    150ml cold brew coffee
    100ml milk
    500ml cream
    5 egg yolks, beaten.
    150g sugar
    pinch salt

    1. Heat the milk, coffee, salt and sugar until the sugar has melted.
    2. Slowly pour heated mix into the egg yolks while string to combine
    3. Return mixture to a low heat and constantly stir until it thickens
    4. Strain the coffee custard into the cream, stir and refrigerate preferably overnight.
    5. Churn in an ice cream machine.

    Bits Im not sure about.
    1. Ive never made a custard with such low milk content. May need to mix in some or all of the cream first before straining for it to be milky enough to form a custard.
    Ive chosen the ratio of milk and cream to coffee based off Javaphiles recommendation of diluting cold press coffee 1:5 for a milk based iced coffee (
    2. Ive never cold brewed coffee before. The ideal setup seems to be to use a speciality drip device, which I dont have. Others seem to have had success with just a jar or a french press. Ill be trying with the french press.
    From what I can gather from searching the forums and averaging out a few people’s batch recipes, you use about 18g/100ml of water for cold brewing. So to get 150ml I should do ~36g of ground coffee in 200ml of water.
    Anyone have advice on what grind setting I should be using on a Rancilio Rocky grinder for cold brewing? 20, 30?

    I’ve got a new ice cream maker in the mail coming at the end of the week/start of next week and will likely try it then.

    Anyone else done a custard based coffee ice cream?

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    Re: Coffee Ice Cream recipe

    I have never made a coffee ice cream before, but I wanted to share that the best espresso ice cream Ive had is a flavour called "Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz" by Ben & Jerrys. Truly refreshing on a hot summer day!


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      Re: Coffee Ice Cream recipe

      I ended up making the recipe as follows
      150ml cold brew coffee
      150ml milk
      600ml pure cream (because thats what it comes in)
      5 egg yolks, beaten.
      150g sugar
      pinch salt

      It was brilliant.


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        Re: Coffee Ice Cream recipe

        Sounds pretty delicious! Got a few questions if you dont mind..

        What cold brew ratio/recipe did you end up using?
        How much ice cream did it make?
        and what ice cream maker did you buy??



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          Re: Coffee Ice Cream recipe

          What cold brew ratio/recipe did you end up using? I made up a 1L batch of cold brew @ 18g/100ml, so 180g of coffee to 1L of water, left overnight in the fridge in a french press.

          How much ice cream did it make? It made a little under 1.5L of ice cream once air is churned in.

          and what ice cream maker did you buy?? I bought a Cuisinart ICE-50 (from Amazon UK because it was significantly cheaper than locally) which is a self freezing style of machine, but the recipe would work just as well in my old machine which was one of the cheaper frozen bowl style models.