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  • Stovetop

    As I cant affort to doll out the cash for the espresso machine just yet (Im saving up for next chrissy ) I wanted to get peoples ideas on the Moca Stovetop, and how to get best use out of it.

    Im roasting my own beans now, so Im getting good results from that... but am learning as I go. Best result so far was a Kenya AA medium roast in the stovetop.

    Are there tips and tricks that people can share with me about the stovetop itself? Roasts that they found suited well etc..

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    Re: Stovetop

    I started off my coffee adventures with a Bialetti Moka pot and one thing I found out is that Bialetti make a model called a "Brika" which is about 50 bucks. Believe it or not, this is a stove-top with a crema-enhancing device!!!
    I know Conga Foods in Melbourne stock them.
    Never tried it but if you go to the Bialetti website, youll see a description.
    Half decent espresso machines are not cheap and I still use a humble Sunbeam. Most Sunbeams are of the much-despised thermoblock type (including mine), but they do make a boiler model called "Cafe Ristretto" and the RRP is $109. You would probably get one at a bulk electric store for a bit less than that.
    You might prefer to save your 100 bucks towards something more substantial and in the end, that might be the best course of action.



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      Re: Stovetop

      Not wrong Tim, if I drop a hundred notes on a sunbean then it just sets me back to square one. So its the long wait I reacon.

      Ive got a Moca pot, so at least thats something.


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        Re: Stovetop

        AndyCJ, et al,
        Dont dispair. Our Biaggi moca pot still sits in the cupboard at home as a back up, as does the Back and Decker Easy Brew. Like they say, youve got crawl before you can walk, and you may as well learn to crawl like an expert before walking like a beginner.

        Plus waiting make it all the special. ;D

        my two bobs worth.