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Jacu Bird poo coffee.

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  • Jacu Bird poo coffee.

    The next big thing in poo coffee

    Coffee made from beans that have passed through a digestive tract is nothing new but the next big thing in ‘poo’ coffee comes from a different beast altogether.

    It’s coffee extracted from the droppings of the rare South American Jacu bird, reportedly a fussy little critter who eats only the best, ripest Arabica berries and excretes the beans in piles under the coffee trees, which are then collected, washed (obviously), dried and roasted in the usual way.

    It’s being sold in Brisbane at Merlo cafes during December (they claim to be the only importers of the coffee in Australia). This particular Jacu coffee comes from Camocim Estate, a certified biodynamic/fairtrade farm in Pedra Azul, Espirito Santo, Brazil.

    I tried a cup (made into a latte) today and here’s what I thought:

    Rich and full-bodied but sweet;

    Nutty and kind of wheaty;

    Not at all faeces-like;

    Pretty much just like normal, good-quality coffee.

    It’s being sold for $10 a cup so definitely has more of a novelty value for coffee nerds. I suggest buying a cup for someone who is easily alarmed and telling them what its made from only after they’ve drunk it ...

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    Re: Jacu Bird poo coffee.

    sorry, all I can think of is Austin Powers...

    "This coffee tastes like sh!t"!


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      Bird Coffee

      Australian Hospitality Magazine reported on 1/12/11 that Merlo are selling Jacu Bird droppings coffee at $10 a cup. This bird is from South America. It eats only the finest and ripest beans at Camocim Coffee Estate. Merlo is selling 125g tins of the roasted beans for $45.


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        Re: Bird Coffee

        The early Jacu bird gets the beans.

        Sorry, no second prize


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          Re: Bird Coffee

          Well done flynn_aus.
          Sorry we did not read your thread yesterday but we were busy producing premium milk to go with the beans. Great information. [smiley=tekst-toppie.gif]Well done.


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            Re: Bird Coffee

            Originally posted by 212C3B2B202C490 link=1323162836/2#2 date=1323164943
            we were busy producing premium milk to go with the beans. 
            mmm...that sounds like a bit of oneupmanship there Herbie. You win.


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              Re: Jacu Bird poo coffee.

              Interesting Flynn ,

              I could not find out whether the birds are free ranging or kept in cages.

              Would be sad if they were kept in cages as im opposed to anything that has to spend a good part of their lives in those rather than being free to do their natural "poo" thing.

              I dont know much about civets too.
              But ill bet there will be some who will keep them in confines for their incomes.

              Gary at G


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                Re: Jacu Bird poo coffee.

                From what I understand, they are free range - on the Camocim estate, at least.
                In the book "Uncommon Grounds: The History Of Coffee And How It Transformed Our World" by Mark Prendergast, it mentions the use of the term jacu which (if I remember correctly) refer to Brazilian farmers in the 18th or 19thC because they were easily exploited. The jacu bird had the reputation of being easily hunted as it approached hunters when called.


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                  Re: Jacu Bird poo coffee.

                  Has anyone else tried this? Im kinda wondering if its worth paying $10 for a normal good-quality tasting coffee when I can get it for substantially less. Flynn, did you think it was worth it?


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                    Re: Jacu Bird poo coffee.

                    Originally posted by 0512090E0C0F160513030F06060505600 link=1323040939/8#8 date=1323688699
                    Flynn, did you think it was worth it?
                    Only posted the article, Erin. I dont live in Brisbane so havent had the opportunity to try it.
                    Cant say Im that enthused either. $40 for 125g (ie $320 per kg)- it needs to be pretty special and already I drink what I modestly think ( ) is great coffee that I roast and prepare myself.

                    Having said that, I guess I will try Jacu Poo or Monkey Parchment or kopi luwak one day.