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Air flow problems

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  • Air flow problems

    hey fellow Coffee Snobs im having a problem with with some of my blends i seem to be getting a slight "bitterness"when im cupping my samples. my roasts are still dropping at around the same times(14 mins) but ive noticed my air flow is about 5-10 deg hotter than usual ,will this slight change affect my profile that badly?Any advice as im a self trained roaster and struggling to work this out :-/

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    Re: Air flow problems

    Welcome to CoffeeSnobs Dean

    Originally posted by 2524202F1E7072410 link=1332389671/0#0 date=1332389671
    will this slight change affect my profile that badly
    Sure could.

    If you didnt change anything else and have 10C air temp change... and assuming that the ambient temperature is similar then clean your flue/exhaust.

    Build-up on that side of the roaster will slow the exhausting air and add more heat thus changing the profile of the roast through the duration.
    (with a greater change at the end)


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      Re: Air flow problems

      Thanks Andy ill give that a shot i must admit this was "doing my head in"......