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the BEST semi auto coffee machine in the world

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  • the BEST semi auto coffee machine in the world

    Hey everyone,

    Just intersted to see what comes up...

    If money was no object, what would be the worlds best Semi-Auto machine. So not one that does it all for you, but requires inputs as to grind and dose and milk frothing, but would control pressure.

    Best for home domestic use and best for commercial use.

    Sorry if my parameters are too broad, just interested to know whats out there amongst the best of the best

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    Re: the BEST semi auto coffee machine in the world

    This question isnt going to work for you I am afraid.

    a) You are going to get replies form people that only know their machine and no others. So all the replies will be biased from experts of 1, instead of getting replies form people that do have a broad experience across the market.

    b) You will be fielding replies form some people that actually dont know anything practical at all and may not even have a machine or the machine they are voting for, but are well read from all this fantastic info on the world wide web.....where you then have a 50% each way bet that the info you are reading is written by someone that really does know stuff, or is just some other well read joe jumping on the latest fad bandwagon that hes been reading about.....

    c) Add to that, that the world is made up of a lot of individuals, all with different likes and dislikes.

    d) And then after that, you are lumping domestic, semi-commercial and commercial machines into the one question without setting even one of the most basic parameters such what price brackets / budget, etc.


    For a student on a budget, a $99.00 Sunbean Ristretto could constitute the best machine in the world for his current situation.

    When he graduates and walks into a well paid job, some other machine will slot into the category of best for his current situation.

    When he becomes the president of the company and is earning 6 BIG figures and he does a lot of entertaining, some other model will slot in....

    As you can see, this question cant be done.


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      Re: the BEST semi auto coffee machine in the world

      well i assume out there, there must be a person who has used several high end machines and has a good idea about whats around...
      Even someones personal experience on a high end machine is useful to know.. Something is better than nothing!

      Plus lets ignore money, so that is going to rule out the low budget machines, i think we can safely assume none of these will fall into. I can see the point your trying to make, but lets say then we are a president of a company on a big 6 figure income and money is disposable.

      If not 1 machine specifically then 5, so 5 of the best machines people can agree are the best.

      Like i said i know the question is broad but any information is better than none!


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        Re: the BEST semi auto coffee machine in the world

        If hes earning 6 figures, he may as well just buy the most expensive machine he can find and employ a barista as well to make his coffee.

        For the exact reasons Attilio mentioned, I cant see that you will get any useful information in response to your question/s.