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Espersso WOW in green beans

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  • Espersso WOW in green beans

    Can you get Espresso WOW in green beans? If not, what green bean or combination of beans is similar?


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    Re: Espresso WOW in green beans

    Only in decaf as green (although this decaf is Swiss Water Process, so it will appear brown).

    Blends such as this are usually the result of much testing, tweaking, tasting and time. It is unlikely that Andy would want to give specifics about what is in there.

    If you are roasting, I would suggest you get a few different origins from various geographical locations and start to do some bleniding of your own, you might be pleasantly surprised.

    Or, if you can describe the features of Wow that appeal to you, some members might be able to suggest some starting points.



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      Re: Espersso WOW in green beans

      Features of Wow that I like (im no expert, so this is the best description I can give);

      1) Flavour that cuts through milk based drinks without being bitter, specifically double shot latte poured using Elektra micro casa leva.
      2) General flavour of cocoa
      3) Nice lingering flavour or flavour that cuts in a little after intial taste.

      Im new to roasting and theres lots of green bean varieties, so im trying to narrow done my experimentation. Before buying beans from CS I always found Mexican beans had a flavour I liked. Do all Mexican beans have similar qualities?


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        Re: Espersso WOW in green beans

        Based on that you might do well to grab some Wahgi (if you havent already) as it has the attributes you seem to like then maybe play around with 20-30% of another bean for a touch of pep but straight works too. Wahgi is a nice even bean to roast and depending on roast style and level will get you some really nice cocoa finish.

        Last time I had some WOW sometime last year still a nice blend but better suited to short or LBs rather than milk as were the past batches I have had.

        Beans vary wildly within the same valley in some countries let alone country or region. Processing methods, harvest time play a large part too and a bunch of factors. Generally however there is some more typical country characteristics but to say that all beans from country X are the same taste would be really wrong.

        A little searching around will find you some green suppliers or roasters selling preblend greens as well but start from SO then add one or maybe two would be my suggestion.